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you would need speed, hand eye coordination and balance


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That's a double play. Shortstop to second to first.

The best shortstop ever to play the game MICHAEL CURRAN.Remember that name. he plays at the age of 11 and he is better than some high school players!

Darin Erstad played first base and all three outfield positions with the Angels but never shortstop.

No. Babe Ruth never played Shortstop. He did play the outfield, pitcher, and first base.

know how to throw, catch, hit, run, and be smart. Know where to throw the ball next play and where to be. KNow everything that is going on. NEVER miss a sign from your coach.

you can either play first second third base or shortstop.

no he is not derek jeter is alex doesnt even play shortstop

The pitcher could throw to either the 2nd baseman or the shortstop; but the ideal situation would be the shortstop. The momentum of the shortstop traveling to 2nd leaves him in a better position to make the throw to 1st and complete the double play.

Double Play, Shortstop to Second Base to 1st base.

There are not many pieces of equipment that are needed to play baseball such as a glove. You will also need a bat to play baseball.

College baseball in the USA has no academic courses that are required to play college baseball.

yes, he played baseball, a little leaguge team and was a shortstop, but later on played football/ or was interested in football

He was an infielder who mostly played first and second base but he also played some shortstop

The term 'double play combo' refers to the second baseman and the shortstop. The law of averages says that most balls hit in the infield are going to be hit to either the shortstop or the second baseman since they are playing towards the middle of the field. So most of the double plays a team makes are with the second baseman, shortstop, and first baseman.

She mostly played shortstop in college and was a utility for the Racers, playing shortstop, second, third, and outfield.

Ozzie Guillen was a shortstop.

It was shortstop by committee for the 2004 Red Sox. Pokey Reese started 71 games at shortstop, the most of any player on the team. Others to play shortstop were Orlando Cabrera, Nomar Garciaparra, Cesar Crespo, and Ricky Gutierrez.

Equipment needed to play baseball: baseball baseball bat baseball glove home plate three bases

Derek Jeter always played shortstop, and still continues to play shortstop for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez was an accomplished shortstop before coming to the Yankees where he now plays third base

Mickey Mantle first tried to play the baseball position of shortstop. He believed he did not the timing required to play this position. He found himself making too many errors.

Yes. Most runner interference calls are made on the runner sliding into the second baseman or shortstop to break up a double play.

Unfortunately, A-Rod never asked me to play shortstop, or for that matter, any other position in the All Star game or any other game...nor did he ask me if he could play shortstop instead of 3rd base. Must be someone else.

Derek Jeter is the best shortstop. He has 4 Gold Gloves too. He even has his own play. People refer to it as the Jeter play. He is known all around to MLB fans. He is the best.

Generally coaches dont play lefties in middle infield because the would have to backhand balls hit into the hole.

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