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There are many types of water filters. There are water filters for Swimming Pools and water filters for drinking water. For swimming pools you want a housing that is tough and will stand up to the outside elements. If you are looking for a good drinking water filter housing the best ones are stainless steel.

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Q: What are some of the better water filter housings available?
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What company makes the GWF water filter?

The GWF water filter used to be made by GE. GE have replaced the GWF water filter with GE MWF Smart Water Filter which is available as a replacement for the original GWF water filter.

What are some advantages of using a water filter, as opposed to plain tap water?

Water from a water filter is better for several reasons. Filitered water is better for your skin appearance, helps filter out bacteria, lead, and other unwanted contaiminates, and it just simply tastes better.

Is filter water better than plain water?

Yes of course it is.

Why are chemicals added to water?

to clean and filter the water and make it taste better

Does this brand of water filter have flavored water filters?

No,there are no flavored water filters available,this filters out the bad chemicals in the water.

Does water taste better after using water filter systems?

Using a water filter system really does change the taste of tap water. That funny taste is the iron in the water. Using a water filter will remove that funny taste and actually make your water safer.

Is Salt filter better than DE filter for pool?

Salt is not a filter, it is added to pool water to allow a chlorine generator to operate.

What are some counter top water filter brands available at a local store?

Some counter top water filter brands available at a local store include Aquasana, WaterChef, PUR, Bunn, Crystal Quest, and more. Brita is probably the most well-known counter top water filter brand.

What kind of water filter systems are best for keeping koi carp?

The best kind of water filter system for keeping Koi Carp is called the Rotary Drum filter. It is expensive, but without doubt the best kind of filter available.

What can people do to make better use of the water that available?


How can people do to make better use of the water that is available?

By reusing it

Why are full house water filters better than those that just filter tap water?

The reason for full house filters being better than the filter tap water ones will be because the house filters have a longer lifetime as well as its components are way more advance than the filter tap.

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