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There are a lot of myths surrounding hair loss. Here are some of them and also the truth behind them. * Males get their hair loss from the maternal side of the family: While it is true that male pattern baldness is genetically inherited; to say that it comes from the mother

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Q: What are some of the common myths surrounding hair loss?
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What are some common causes of hair loss?

There are quite a few causes of hair loss. Some common causes of hair loss are stress, anxiety, radiation, thyroid problems, scalp infections or skin disorders.

Women and Hair Loss?

If you are a woman who is experiencing hair loss, you are most likely a bit frightened by the whole experience. However, there is no reason to worry just yet. Studies have shown that hair loss in women is a very common problem. It is very likely that the loss of your hair is due to a common hormonal imbalance. Stress is also a very common culprit for women who are losing their hair.

What medications cause hair loss?

One of the most common medications that causes hair loss is chemotherapy drugs.

What are some common treatments for hair loss?

Some common treatments for hair loss are having hair transplant surgery or certain medication. The most notable medications are Bosley Hair Cream and ScalpMed shampoo products.

Why would deep tissue trauma cause hair loss?

Because injury and sequential scarring can destroy hair follicles and surrounding tissues

What are some of the common treatments for hair loss?

Some of the most common treatments for hair loss include using creams or lotions that are produced by Rogaine. You can also obtain hair transplants that are more long lasting.

Chat riddle there is a common word that the following can all be combined with tie loss dye?

Horse isle chat riddle: Hair Hair tie (or hair band), hair loss, hair dye

What are the most common hypothyroidism symptoms?

Fatigue, weakness, dry hair, dry skin, hair loss, muscle cramps, constipation, depression, irritability, and memory loss are all common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Does wearing baseball hats increase your chances of going bald?

That is one of the most common hair loss myths. Unless the hat is worn so tight as to cut off circulation to the hair follicles, wearing a hat does not cause the hair to fall out. Instead, hats can contribute positively by blocking the sun and preventing sunburn.

Does damage to the cochlea cause hearing loss?

A common cause of hearing loss is damage to the hair cells within the cochlea

Name four factors that can cause hair loss and hair thinning?

One of the most common factors is disease. Other things that may lead to hair loss include aging, chemicals, and hormonal imbalance.

What are the main reasons for hair loss in women?

The problem of hair loss is one of the most common problems which loses the thickness and density of hair, and leads to weak hair and loss, so the ampoules of Natural are the ideal way to deal with this problem, and to care for the density of hair and not to fall out, and ampoules carry many benefits and features

What is hair fixing?

Hair fixing refers to an instande when permanent bonds or extensions are added to one's natural hair. It is also common amongst those who are suffering from hair loss.

What is the condition Telogen Effluvium?

Telogen Effluvium is a common hair loss condition. The condition is a result of the decrease of hair follicles growing hair. It causes the shedding of hair on the scalp.

How long after IUD is removed does hair begin to grow back?

Hair loss is not a common symptom with the IUD. Contact your health care provider to discuss evaluation for the possible causes of hair loss so that you can get the right treatment and testing.

What are some of the myths that cause men hair loss?

One common myth is that hair loss is determined by the X chromosome. Another myth is that if you are balding, you are old - which cannot be true because many men's hairlines recede in their 20's. It is also mythical that baldness is caused by wearing hats or life trauma. Yet another myth is that the use of gels, hairsprays and styling products is a preventative measure.

Where can you find ratings on hair treatment procedures in the New York City area?

Thinning or balding hair is most common in men and is usually caused by heredity factors. Many products are available, claiming to restore hair or prevent or lessen hair loss. One product, Revivogen, is a shampoo that is used a couple times a week and promises to slow hair loss without harmful side effects. Hair loss in women is less common and is usually treated with medications.

Does dilantin cause hair loss?

Can dilantin or its generic phenytoin cause hair loss. I know that Dilantin can cause excessive hair growth in women but what about hair loss. Also can statin drugs cause hair loss.

What are the side affects of chemotherapy?

loss of appetite drowsiness hair loss loss of appetite drowsiness hair loss Common side effects of Chemotherapy are:fatiguenauseavomitingdecreased blood cell counthair lossmouth sorespain(National Cancer Institution: need to specify side effects of what?

Does velcade cause hair loss?

Velcade can cause hair loss, since it is a cancer drug, it may lead to hair loss.

Where is scalp ringworm most common?

Most common in black children, scalp ringworm can cause scarring and permanent hair loss.

Can chlamydia cause hair loss?

Chlamydia will not cause hair loss.

Does lupus give you hair loss?

A symptom of lupus is hair loss.

Does nifedipin cause hair loss?

No nifedipine does not cause hair loss.

Can anesthesia cause hair loss?

I think it will not cause hair loss.