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An orchestra is made up of several families of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Examples of string instruments are violins, violas and cellos. Some woodwind instruments are clarinets, flutes and oboes. The percussion family includes cymbals, timpani, snare drums, and many other instruments.

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How does an orchestra play?

An orchestra is a coordinated group of varied musical instruments, each played by a musician and the whole coordinated by a conductor.

What are all the instruments in vivaldi's four seasons?

Instruments played by an orchestra. Ashley Lindholm "Instruments played by an orchestra." Ashley Lindholm

How many musical instruments are played in an cappella performance?

how many musical instruments are played in an cappella performancesinging without the accompaniment of musical instruments

Keyed instruments played in the orchestra?

Violins! I am a keen violinist, and violins are the main instruments played in an orchestra closely followed by cellos and violas.

What musical instruments are played in daughters?

The musical instrument that is played in daughters is their voice!

How many musical instruments did Henry vii play?

Henry VIII played 16 different instruments! He was very clever indeedy!

Can a piano played by itself be an orchestra?

No, a piano is an instrument. An orchestra is an ensemble of different kind of instruments. The piano does not have a place in the average orchestra. It may however play with an orchestra in a concerto. Pianists can also play arrangements of orchestral pieces.

Pirate musical instruments?

There are a number of musical instruments that pirates would have played. These instruments include the drum because it was easy to make.

Who played a musical instrument?

A lot of people play musical instruments. :)

How to Differentiate and Identify Orchestral Instruments?

Listening to an orchestra is a wonderful experience. A lot of people love to listen to the orchestra, because the combination of various musical instruments is very pleasing to the ears. However, if you love listening to the wonderful orchestra, it would be more amazing if you know how this orchestra is set up. If you know how the orchestra is set up, you will have a good understanding as to how the orchestra produces this wonderful music. Once you know how to identify the positions in an orchestra, you will appreciate it that much more, as you will know where to look when you are at a concert. • Know that in an orchestra, instruments are grouped according to their sounds and how they are played. In general, the instruments in the orchestra have their own designated positions. To be able to identify these instruments, you must know that brass instruments are played through a mouthpiece. Examples of which are trumpets, baritones, tubas, slide trombones, and French horns. The brass instruments can usually be most distinctly heard in an orchestral piece. • Identify the woodwind instruments. Woodwind instruments produce mellow and quiet sounds that usually fill other instruments and are often heard in the background. A good example of woodwind instrument is the saxophone or clarinet. • Identify music instruments not only by seeing them but also by the sounds that it produces. Once you are familiar with the musical instruments in an orchestra, you should not only familiarize yourself with the appearance of such instruments but also by knowing how the instrument sounds. You can also look at pictures of orchestras and attend concerts, so that you will be able to look at each instrument and identify and differentiate one type of instrument from another. You will appreciate the beauty of the music produced by instruments if you know a lot about them.

All instruments Mozart played?

Mozart played various musical instruments. They were the keyboard, violin, piano, clarinet and harpsichord. Among all these musical instruments, the main instrument he played during performances was the piano.

What instruments are played in Nigeria?

The musical instruments that are played in nigeria areflutewooden drummetal gong

What is the difference between an orchestra and a band?

In an Orchestra, there are many instruments played by different individuals, and most of the time, there is no vocalist, while in a band, it's composed of fewer members and most of the time, there is a vocalist.

Musical insturuments are played in a cappella performance?

No. the term means without musical instruments

What has the author Ronald Roberts written?

Ronald Roberts has written: 'Musical instruments made to be played' -- subject(s): Construction, Musical instruments

How many different types of stringed instrument are played in a symphony orchestra and what are they called?

There are four stringed instruments used: violin, viola, cell, and bass.

What instruments did Handel use?

He composed for every instrument that was in the Baroque orchestra, the orchestra of his time. And he played harpsichord and organ, as far as I know.

What movie and television projects has Manchester Orchestra been in?

Manchester Orchestra has: Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Late Show with David Letterman" in 1993. Played Himself - Musical guest in "Last Call with Carson Daly" in 2002. Played Themselves in "Live from Abbey Road" in 2006. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" in 2009. Played Themselves in "Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math" in 2011.

Where are the percussion instruments played in the orchestra?

Here are some examples of Percussion instruments that are played in an orchestra:PianoTimpaniXylophoneGongsCymbalsTriangleSnare DrumBass DrumTambourineMaracasChimesCastanetsCelesta

What instrument is a trumpet often played with?

That depends on the music. Most often, it is played in a band, with other brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. It is also played in the orchestra, with other brass instruments, woodwinds, and strings. It can be played in ensembles with other trumpets or brass instruments. Or, it can be played with piano accompaniment.

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