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Some of the harmful gases which are rising in the atmosphere and are major cause of atmospheric pollution are (in no particular order):

  1. Carbon monoxide (from incomplete combustion of fuels... no choice, toxic to breathe),
  2. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide (from industrial and vehicular exhaust, causes of acid rain, irritates air passages),
  3. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs, refrigerant discharges, causes destruction of the ozone layer),
  4. Mercury emissions (from industries, fluorescent lamps and the burning of coal, potentially toxic),
  5. Carbon dioxide (fossil fuel burning and greenhouse gas),
  6. Methane gas (cow farming, landfill emissions and natural sources, greenhouse gas),
  7. Volatile organic compounds (from fuel vapors, solvent, paint, etc. Really includes methane too),
  8. Ozone (which is bad at low altitudes and does not survive to replenish the high altitude ozone layer which protects us from UV light)

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What are some of the vital gases being emitted into the atmosphere?


Why is the thickness of the atmosphere important?

The thickness of the atmosphere is necessary because it absorbs all the harmful gases present in the air. These gases are mainly created by man, but some natural gases which get emitted due to natural hazards, are also taken in. The ozone layer is also present in the atmosphere itself.

What are the harmful gases emmited by vehicles?

The harmful gases emitted by vehicles are also greenhouse gases. SO2, NH3, NO2, CO2 are some examples.

How is the greenhouse harmful to our planet?

it traps heat in the atmosphere but it also traps harmful gases from leaving the atmosphere'

What is being done about the gases in the atmosphere?

what is being done to show that there are gases in the atmosphere

What gases does the Moon's atmosphere have?

The moon has no atmosphere, so there are no gases in the Moon's atmosphere. Evidence for traces of some gases being emitted from the moon have been found, but those gases escape to space and do not form an atmosphere. They include sodium, potassium, radon-222, polonium-210, argon-40, helium-4, and a bit of water vapor.

Where do scientists believe the first gases in Earth's atmosphere came from?

During the process of outgassing, volcanic eruptions emitted the gases that founded the primitive atmosphere.

How does the atmosphere prevent us from being frozen to death?

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere help trap heat emitted from the Earth, otherwise the temperature of Earth's surface would be below zero.

How can global warming be reduced by converting cow manure into methane?

Cows emit carbon gases but they also eat grass, and while grass grows it absorbs carbon gases from the atmosphere. So the gases emitted by cows represent a short-term carbon cycle which is 'sustainable'. This is far less harmful than the real danger, which is mining oil and gas and burning it, because that emits carbon into the atmosphere that was laid down millions of years ago - and too much of that is being emitted for nature to deal with in a short time.

Why the acid rain and rust is a harmful effects?

ACID RAIN and RUST are harmful because it contains harmful gases like sulphuric acid etc... mainly sulphur gasesbecause of this harmful gases when they reach the atmosphere when it rains it forms acid rain as the harmful gases mix with the atmosphere .This acid rain will affect plants,animals humans and all living organism.The acid mainly occurs at industrial areas because of these harmful gases which are released by the industrial effluents.they are definitely harmful to the atmosphere.

What is the problem with gas emission created by transportation?

Gas emitted from the engines consists of many harmful gases.Unburnt particles are released into the atmosphere which rise up and mix with other atmospheric gases and sometimes in process makes a free radical which contributes to ozone depletion.Emitted gases also contains carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide which is not good for our respiratory system.

Quels sont les principaux gaz rejetes dansl'atmosphere?

What are the prinipal gases that are emitted into the atmosphere.

Compare Greenhouse gases with the Greenhouse Effect?

A greenhouse gas is a gas in the atmosphere that takes in and releases radiation. The greenhouse effect is more of a process in which radiation is emitted in different directions after being absorbed by greenhouse gases.

How are greenhouse gases changing the atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere for a long time. They cause the temperature to rise because the sun's harmful rays can get through the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Harmful gases in the atmosphere?

carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and gases relesed from industrial processes

Name the harmful gases which pollute the atmosphere?

Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide Mainly :)

How is the ozone layer of the atmosphere getting destroyed?

harmful gases concentrating the suns ray

Does the amount of ash left from when you burn something determine the amount of harmful gases that have gone into the atmosphere?

yes, the amount of ash left does determine the amount of harmful gases that have gone into the atmosphere. (example if there is less ash that means that most of the material has burned up and released there gases, if there is a lot of ash that means there wasn't much gas being released because it just burnt up into ash.)

Why coal is harmfull for atmosphere?

The burning of fossil fuels by nature releases harmful greenhouse gases.

Facts about argon?

The element Argon is a noble gas. It is one of the gases found in the atmosphere, and is not harmful.

What recycling have to do with global warming?

people throw out their rubbish, it decomposes, leaving harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Is acid rain natural acid?

No. The "acid" is caused by pollution and other harmful gases in the atmosphere.

What are the harmful effect of burning fuel?

The harmful effect of burning fuel is that it pollutes the environment. This is done through the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

What are some harmful gases and their effect on the environment?

Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are building up in the atmosphere and causing global warming.

What gases are Emitted during volcanism?

gases emitted during volcano eruptions are basically oxides of shulphur,etc