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What are some of the harmful gases being emitted into the atmosphere?

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2011-05-22 13:23:50

Some of the harmful gases which are rising in the atmosphere and

are major cause of atmospheric pollution are (in no particular


  1. Carbon monoxide (from incomplete combustion of fuels... no

    choice, toxic to breathe),

  2. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide (from industrial and

    vehicular exhaust, causes of acid rain, irritates air


  3. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs, refrigerant discharges, causes

    destruction of the ozone layer),

  4. Mercury emissions (from industries, fluorescent lamps and the

    burning of coal, potentially toxic),

  5. Carbon dioxide (fossil fuel burning and greenhouse gas),
  6. Methane gas (cow farming, landfill emissions and natural

    sources, greenhouse gas),

  7. Volatile organic compounds (from fuel vapors, solvent, paint,

    etc. Really includes methane too),

  8. Ozone (which is bad at low altitudes and does not survive to

    replenish the high altitude ozone layer which protects us from UV


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