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1. Computer specialist -- $59,480: Depending on the employer, computer specialists perform a variety of functions, ranging from technical support to coordinating network security. Hiring managers prefer graduates with an associate degree in a computer-related field. 2. Nuclear technician -- $59,200: Nuclear technicians monitor radiation and operate nuclear test and research equipment. They may also assist nuclear engineers and nuclear physicists with their research projects. An associate degree program in an applied science or specific technology should provide good training. 3. Dental hygienist -- $58,350: One of the fastest-growing occupations in the nation, dental hygienists provide routine dental services including cleaning teeth, taking X-rays and preventative care. Candidates must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene school and pass a written and clinical exam. 4. Radiation therapist -- $57,700: Radiation therapists administer radiation therapy to patients afflicted with tumors or cancer. Employers generally require an associate degree from a radiation therapy program. 5. Nuclear medicine technologist -- $55,840: Nuclear medicine technologists administer diagnostic tests that involve using radioactive materials to monitor organ functions. An associate degree in nuclear medicine technology is standard, and many employers also require licensure. 6. Fashion designer -- $55,840: Fashion designers study current fashion trends, sketch out new clothing designs, select the colors and fabrics and oversee the production of their items. Designers often hold associate degrees in fashion design or fine arts. 7. Aerospace engineering and operations technician -- $52,500: Aerospace engineering and operations technicians construct, test and maintain aircraft and space vehicles. An associate degree in engineering technology is standard, and certification can be a competitive edge for job seekers. 8. Diagnostic medical sonographer -- $52,490: Diagnostic medical sonographers -- also known as ultrasonographers -- administer diagnostic imagining technology used during pregnancy and to diagnose some diseases. Many community colleges offer associate degrees in diagnostic medical sonography, and some employers prefer candidates registered through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. 9. Registered nurse -- $52,330: Registered nurses treat sick, injured and convalescent patients, and provide education on post-treatment care. RNs must have at least an associate degree in nursing and pass a national licensing examination. 10. Engineering technician -- $49,440: Engineering technicians perform a variety of research- and development-related tasks, including building and setting up equipment, conducting experiments, collecting data and recording results. Employers prefer associate degrees in engineering technology, which are widely available at technical institutes.

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Q: What are some of the highest paying jobs you can get with an Associates Degree?
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