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Q: What are some of the man made features of eastern Russia?
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What type of religion does Russia have?

Russia has Eastern Orthodox Christians, some born-again Christians, some atheists, and some regions of Russia have Muslims.

What are some human features in Russia?

i dont know try google

What are some distinct facial features of people in Russia?

ChiseledfaceBridge nose

Where is eastern orthodox practiced?

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is practiced in eastern Europe and its diaspora communities. Some major Eastern Orthodox countries include Greece and Russia.

Which is the major religion of Russia?

Most in Russia consider themselves Eastern Orthodox Christians, though some are non- practicing. There are also a lot of Jewish people, atheists, and muslims in Russia. Born again Christianity is taking hold in some of the souls in Russia.

What are some man-made features of Canada?

some of Canada's main man made features are it has many volanons in the west Canada...........

What is the water features of Russia?

Lakes and oceans. Some of Russias lakes have the worlds freshest water.

What are some of Russian's geographic features?

russia is so large that it included 11 or 12 time zones

Where is orthodoxy practiced?

Eastern Orthodoxy is practiced worldwide, but is most common in Russia, Slavic countries, the United States, and some Middle Eastern and African countries as well.

What are some of the geographic features of Egypt?

nile valley and delta,western and eastern desert ,sinai peninsula.

What are some vacation spots in Eastern Europe?

Some great vacation spots in Eastern Europe would be Pula Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Albania and Russia. They are all beautiful and have many things to see and do.

What are some physical features in panama?

it is made of caca

What are some of A lions features?

what made lions famous

What are some man made features from Hungary?


What are some of Jupiter's features?

one of jupiters features are that it surface is mostly made of hydrogen and helium

Roman Catholic main religion in russia?

I'm pretty sure that the larger amount of Christians in Russia are Eastern Orthodox Christian with some amount of born-again Christians.

Does Pennsylvania border Russia?

No. Pennsylvania is in the eastern United States, and Russia is on the other side of the world. Unless there's some Asian country named Pennsylvania which I know nothing about.

What is the community of a Siberian tiger?

If you are asking where they live, then they primarily live in eastern Russia, in birch forests there, but some can be found in China and North Korea. Or, as you could say, they live in Siberia, Russia.

Where around the world is this desert biome found?

Eastern half of North America and in the middle of Europe. However, they are also some deciduous forests found in some parts of Asia, namely southwest Russia and eastern China.

What are some features made by river?

The rivers have long courses

What are some human made features in Jamaica?

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What are some man-made features of Tanzania?

some of the man made features of tanzania are the houses they built. Stuff like that and there are other things in tanzania that still need to be discoverd.

What are some of the man-made landmarks in Russia?

The Kremlin, Red Square, the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, and the State Hermitage Museum are man made landmarks in Russia.

What are some of the man made features of Madagascar?

madagascar is untouched there are none

What are some human features in Los Angeles?

I think they are human made