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The most direct way to burn calories fast is to take in fewer calories than you burn off. Increasing activity by taking the stairs, running, doing the eliptical are all quick ways to get rid of those calories.

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How do you burn calories with out eating?

You burn very few calories by eating. Instead, the best and most effective way to bunr calories is through exercise.

Does calories and treadmill cancel each other?

no, calories and a treadmill do not cancel each other. Calories are burned by excercising. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will most likely lose weight. If you eat more than you burn, you will gain weight. They dont cancel each other, but a treadmill can be an effective way to burn calories and in essence "cancel" the calories

What aerobic exercises burn the most calories?

The aerobic exercise that tends to burn the most calories is running. Running will burn approximately 1200 calories an hour depending on your speed and size.

What exercise burns calories?

All forms of exercise burn calories. Exercise that is intensive, fast-moving (like running), or high-speed will burn the most calories. Some examples are running, swimming, kayaking, jump roping, rock climbing, and hiking.

How do you burn up a calorie?

By doing sports. That's where you burn the most calories. But you actually burn calories in pretty much everything like you burn 3 calories by jumping and 10s by laughing (:

Do boxing bag workouts get you fit?

One of the best and most effective workouts ever..just doing 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest for a total of 20 minutes will get you strong fast and burn many calories.

Why do fast food makes people gain weight?

Fast food is typically very high in calories (the average fast food meal normally has about 1,000 calories), and any calories a person doesn't burn off ends up leading to weight gain. If they exercised the calories off, then it wouldn't make them gain weight. But most people normally don't burn all the calories they ate at that meal. However, fast food every once in a while is fine, and won't make you gain.

How many calories does the average American burn a day?

Most Americans, in general, burn about 2,000 calories a day.

What is the most popular exercise machine?


What is the most effective way to burn calories?

== == * The very best way to burn calories is to do a cardio exercise workout, and to do it first thing in the morning. * The best way to burn calories is always through cardio exercise. This is a very effective way to use energy and calories. Even something as easy as cardio walking will work well, not just extreme running or jogging. Also, weight training will build more muscle. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn. * For more information about how to do cardio exercise, and the different types of cardioexercise, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Does rowing for four hundred pulls over eighteen minutes burn more calories than two hundred at nearly 9 minutes what is most effective?

The 18 minute workout will burn more calories than the 9 minute work out. But even 18 minutes won't use up that many calories.

Is the elliptical effective for weight loss?

through my experience the elliptical burned about 10 calories per minute.if you stay on for a half hour you burn 300 calories which can be a whole meal. this depends on your matabilism but for the most part you will burn a fair amount. even more then running sometimes

How many calories do you burn running 3 km?

approximatly 200.i have a treadmill and it gives the calories you burn and its about 202 most of the time.hope that helps.

How long would it take to burn 1230 calories?

It would take most people almost a week to burn 1230 calories. This is because it would normally take about 6 to 8 hours to burn this many calories.

What weight loss exercises burn the most calories per hour?

Running(approximately 10mph) and biking are really effective, you can lose up to 1130 calories per hour by doing one of those two exercises.

What happens if the calories you eat are equal to the calories you need per day?

If you eat the same number of calories per day that are equal to the calories you need per day you would maintain your weight. To lose weight you must consume less calories then you burn. To gain weight you must consume more calories you burn. Most humans will burn 2800 calories even in the most sedentary state.

Do you burn calories when you eat?

well, you gain calories by eating so in most cses no. but there are some foods like celery that you do burn calories when you eat it becasue they are so chewy and hard to eat.

What are some good exercises that are effective at weight loss?

Cardio exercises are the most effective exercises for weight loss, as they tend to burn a lot of calories. Cardio exercises include running, bicycling, swimming, and cross-country skiing.

How many calories do you burn in a cartwheel?

You probibly burn 1 or 2 calories doing a cartwheel at most, it's not something that really keeps your heart going.

Workouts that burn the most calories?

What type of work out burns the most fat/calories? Aerobic work out: running, cycling, swimming.

How many calories do you burn dancing?

It depends on what type of dance and how intense it is. It also depends on your weight and how hard you have to work or how much effort you have to put into the dance.Most types of dancing do burn significant calories if sustained for long enough.Fast moving or intense dancing may burn up to 200 calories an hour if done consistently.All forms or cardio exercise or cardio activity are excellent for burning calories and body fat.

What should you keep the level on to burn more calories on a bike?

To burn the most calories while riding a bike, you want to put it into the gear that has the most resistance, so you have to work the hardest to pedal.

What is the most effective fast acne treatment?

The most effective and fast acne treatment is proactiv. Their website can be found at the following web address: www.proactiv.com.

Which swimming strokes burn the most calories?

I think it is the dolphin or butterfly!

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