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Important Event: the World Wars! Important People: Everyone involved with those wars!

Answerhow about the industrial revolution? or the neolithic revolution?


Gavrilo Princep in my mind is the most important person of the 20th century. By shooting Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 his actions led directly to WW1 and indirectly to WW2. As such, he is arguably responsible for over 100million deaths, the collapse of European world hegemony, the rise of Communism, and the Cold War to list but a few. He has a lot to answer for.


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Question what were some vauluble world events in 1997 what were some important world events that happened in 1997

Yes. A very basic knowledge of world events and history requires knowing more than a few leaders of countries from around the world.

Important is a relative term, it means different things to different people. For me, one of the most important events in human history was the development of writing and written language. It "happened" in many places in the world at various times. It was the basic tool that enabled people to spread knowledge and pass knowledge down through history.

Christianity is one of the major religions of the world. It is also one of the most important in history as many events like the crusades were the results of it.

Many important events happened in Andy Warhol's life from the World Wars to the assassinations of important people.

There isn't a specific 'Black People Day' but their is Black History Month(February) where people celebrate and remember the important people, history, and events of the African Diaspora. I am not accurate on the specific date, but I am sure that this month has some significance to your question.

it is important because it is in world history

The foundation of the American nation in 1776 is the first of three important events in American history. The rise of America to super power status at the conclusion of World War Two is the second of the three most important events in American history. The third most important event in American history is currently in progress: it is the overpopulation crisis that is affecting all resources around the world thereby increasing the price of everything, and the security and cultural dangers of religions, such as Islam, and the violence that they spread around the world and which threatens to overwhelm the civilized world should it not be halted early enough.

Martin Luther King Jr is important to world history because he gave black people freedom.

Knowledge of history is important for various reasons. This will help you understand the origin of various things and what historical events have contributed to the current state of the world among other things.

The benefits of studying history are tremendous. This idea can be summarized as follows: * It's important to study history in order to avoid mistakes made by nations and world leaders in the past; and * History can reveal how and why current events were many times based on historical events.

No, history is not the same as culture. Culture is the way of people all around the world in many different places, while history is just a recording of events that happened to people.

Some important world events that occurred in 1975 were that South Vietnam was captured by communists and Francisco Franco died. Another event that occurred in 1975 was that Pol Pot took over the country of Cambodia.

the World War I and II, the development of written language by the Sumerian's, the invention of the gun powder, the invention of the printing pres, the birth of Christianity, the colonization of the "new world" by Europe and many more.While there are countless important events in the world history, some of the crucial ones which changed the course of history include 1st World War, 2nd World War, Bombing of Hiroshima, First man to land on Moon, and exploration of Mars.

Reality is the actual world around us; phenomena, people, events, history and our lives.

one of the most important events in world war one is getting to gallipoli

Only events of significant importance to the world.

Because people all over the world are inspired by him

Many important events have happened in Brazil. For example, in 2014, the Brazilian national football team made history by losing 7 - 1 to Germany in the semi final of the World Cup in Brazil.

world war 1 world war 2 Hitler JFK Henry the eigth i am only 83 years old hope it

There were a great number of important 1990's world events. The Olympics were an excellent example of an important fun event.

World War I and II, and the atomic bomb were the big events of the twentieth century. The two events that may have affected the course of the history of the world were the bubonic plague and European colonization of everywhere outside of Europe.

It made another important religion that people had the option to convert to.

So we can show it to people from all aroud the WORLD!

Because he invented a dance that even white people can do.

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