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The most important tenet of the Muslam religion is that there is only one God. Muslims believe that you should have daily prayers to God. It is also important that you should give to those in need and help them in any way that you can. The Muslim religion believes strongly in the finality of the prophet Muhmmad and his work.

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What is the most important book in the Muslim religion?

the Koran is probably as important as the bible is to all people who believe in god.

What is the most important non Muslim non christian group?

I don't know about most important but Hinduism is the third most popular religion in the world

Why is the salah important to a Muslim?

Becuase it is the most important prayer in the Islamic religion. It is indicated in the 5 pillars of Islam how important it actually is.

What is the most common religion for an Iranian girl?

The most common religion for an Iranian girl is Muslim. The Muslim religion in Iran is the most common for all Iranians. Ninety percent of the total population in Iran is Muslim.

What religion are most Pakistanis?

i believe most pakistanis are Muslim or of Muslim ancestry

How religion may impact the business?

The tenets of most religion stems from hard work, honesty, truthfulness ,belief , determination and the rest. For most people who are into one religion or the other they tend to portray these tenets in their daily activities. and of course these tenets are necessary for the growth and survival of any business. there are chances that one who is religious might do very well in business. But this does not usually occur in most cases.

What is Malaysias religion?

most of them are muslim

Were is the Muslim religion found the most?

were is the Muslim religion found the most? is it Saudi Arabia nope,is it Pakistan nope is Indonesia the Muslim population in Indonesia is 207,000,105 so there's your answer

What religion was mansa musa?

He was a Muslim. His religion was Islam. Although Mansa Musa was the most famous ruler of Muslim

What is Snoop Dogg's religion?

Most websites say that he is a Muslim/ that his religion is Islam

What is the most popular religion in northern Africa?

The Muslim religion is practiced with the majority.

What religion is necati sasmaz?

he was from Turkey, most probably he was a MUSLIM and his religion is ISLAM...

Is Muslim a race?

No. Muslim refers to the Religion. Islam is the Religion and the people that follow it are Muslims. Most are Middle Eastern and Asian but there are many that are European and American. I am Muslim but my race is German and Irish.

What is the religion that most people are in Indonesia?

Most Indonesians (over 86%) are Muslim.

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