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Churchills' handling of the issue of the return to the Gold Standard (1925 I think) leaves a lot to be desired. Politically before WW2 he endured a period known as the wilderness years: Despite his magnificent oratory in the war Churchill was not always popular, especially within his own party. Although one might regard Churchill as a great leader in Wartime his peacetime policies have been called into question.

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Who were some Genarals from world war 2?

Winston churchill Winston churchill

How much older is Winston Churchill than John Churchill?

Some time after him

What were some of Winston Churchills accomplishments?

Winston Churchill won the war for Britain.

What was some of Winston Churchill interest?

Smokin a cigar

Was winsto churchill loved?

Winston Have some respect

What did Winston Churchill achieve?

Winston churchill achieved to become leaders and to control some countries. He did this very well although sometimes it came to be a dissapointment.

Where did Winston Churchill live?

In Great Britian Churchill lived for some time at Chartwell house.

Did Winston churchill have syphilis?

No, Winston Churchill did not have syphillis. He was a family man and did not contract STDs. You must be thinking of Winston Churchill's father Lord Randolph Churchill. He was reported to have died from syphillis.There were rumours that Winston had contracted an STD, but this has not been confirmed. You may also have run across some of the rumours in some history books.

Who were some enemies of Winston Churchill?

lady aster was an enemy

Why did Winston Churchill get a knighthood?

because he did some good stuff

Who are some famous 4th born children?

winston churchill

Who are some historical figures?

winston churchill, president roosevelt

Who said All gave some some gave all?

Winston Churchill

What did Winston Churchill do in the cold war?

By the time the Cold War began, Winston Churchill was essentially retired from politics. However, he did some diplomatic work to ease some tensions later in his life.

Who are some famous people from the British Isles?

Alex Salmond, Winston Churchill, George Best...

What are some facts about Winston churchill?

Here are some randomly ordered facts about Winston Churchill:His full name is Winston Leonard Spencer ChurchillHe was in office 26 October 1951-7April 1955He came from the famously known Spencer family (he used Churchill as his last name in public though)He was born 30 November 1874 and died 24 January 1965.

What were some obstacles Winston Churchill faced?

He lost an election about the house of commons.

What was the problem between Winston Churchill and Germany?

The question seems to imply that Churchill had some personal anti-German hangup. Is that what the question is about? I hope you are aware that for much of the 1930s Churchill was not a member of the British government. Moreover, it was Neville Chamberlain, not Winston Churchill, who took Britain to war in 1939.

What is the national dog of England?

Bulldog. Some say they favor Winston Churchill as they snore and drool.

Where was Winston Churchill educated during his youth?

Some of his schooldays were at Harrow School, near London.

Who are some famous people who wrote their own autobiographies?

Shakespeare Winston Churchill Anne Frank

What effect did Winston Churchill have on people?

he helped them stay together in world war 2. most people liked churchill but some thought his strategies were weird

What are some characteristics of Winston Churchill?

Experience, charisma, determination, cool headed, thinking of allies/others

Where did Winston Churchill want to attack in Germany?

Winston did not want to attack Germany. He was more for peace on the Earth. It was heard of to stop some of the consentration camps but never wanted to attack.

What were some world leaders that were allies with theordore Roosevelt?

Winston churchill a Churchill was not associated in any way with Teddy Roosevelt!! He was, of course, a close ally of Franklin D Roosevelt, as was Stalin.