What are some of the realizations that have come to those who have survived a relationship with a narcissist?

I realized that there was nothing I could have done differently to make our relationship work. I realized that he was most of the problem with our relationship and stopped blaming myself for the failure. I realized that there were many people out there with the same problem that we had and it was comforting to read their stories on the net.I now realize how unheathy our relationship was, but at the time no one could convince me of that because I thought I loved him so deeply.I realized that I had become co-dependant with him and have since been correcting that and am returning to my "old" self and have become confident in "me" again. I realized that I had given all of myself to him and he did not return anything which became a vicious cycle.I realize now that I will never compromise any of my true values just to keep a relationship intact. I realize that if something just does not feel "right" that it usually is not and I should watch for those "red flags" because they are usually correct. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to go through with the dissolution of this relationship. I had never been that low in my entire life, but I now can say that life does go on and I have a wonderful "healthy" realtionship with a very loving man. Ladies, be true to yourselves and you will eventually find a good person to love. They do exist.Heal yourselves first and then you will find them. Dee I can never get resolution in the way I want because I will never be able reach him. Empathy is needed for resolution, therefore the most he could ever give is an act for his own selfish purposes, if he saw any reason to that is.