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Fuel delivery problems such as a dirty fuel filter, a fuel pump going bad, a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

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Q: What are some of the reasons why a 1996 Plymouth voyager would cut off while driving?
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Why is the van squeaking while driving a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

It may be the fan belt.

Why does minivan 1999 Plymouth Voyager goes out of gear while driving?

Could be low on ATF. Check it.

What would cause 1994 Plymouth voyager 3.3 liter not to shift while driving?

The computer detected a malfunction, set a code, and went into limp mode.

What causes a 95 Plymouth Voyager to sputter?

One cause why a Plymouth Voyager sputters is because the driver may be holding the gear shift button, unnecessary for going through drives 1 to 4. The gear shift button is a safety feature that keeps from reversing while driving.

Why does my 97 Plymouth voyager while driving my instrument panel quits working and van chugs?

still havent figured out the chugging but the instrument panel issue can be fixed by reheating all of the solder points on the back of the cluster again.

Why would the oil and battery light come on and the steering become very stiff while driving a Plymouth Grand Voyager in a major storm?

water will splash on the belts [power steering, alternator, etc.], causing them to slip, as if greasy, not turning the pulleys. get new belts.

Who causes car accidents mostly?

the two main reasons in the u.s are: 1. Driving while using a cellular device 2. driving while intoxicated

How do you fix a '96 Plymouth Voyager that stops sporadically while traveling cleaned battery terminals but car now will not start?

i had the same fault with my 1996 dodge Plymouth, 3.3 litre engine. i replaced the crankshaft sensor and viola problem was resolved.

Loss of power while driving?

There are many reasons as to why a car may lose power while driving. However, the most likely cause is a bad fuel pump. This causes the car to 'think' that there is not any gas, so it begins to stall, and eventually stalls while driving.

98 Plymouth voyager trans never slipped before now it won't go into gear only once in a while?

For a 1998 Plymouth Voyager that won't go into gear, the problem may be the shifter or the shifter cable. A problem with the linkage can cause it to not shift into gear. Also, check the transmission fluid to see if it's low. Even if it isn't low, you may need to change the transmission fluid and filter.

How do you replace the rear wheel brake shoes on a 1990 Plymouth voyager?

If you are new to doing drum brakes, then remove the drums on both rears and do one side while looking at the other side for reference.

How can you tell if you have a V6 3.0 liter or a V6 3.3 liter engine in your 1996 Plymouth voyager?

The 3.3L says "3.3L" on the upper intake manifold. Also, the 3.0L has a distributor, while the 3.3L doesn't.

Why would the fuel gauge drop and the fuel light come on while driving a 1994 Plymouth Breeze?

That means you need to get toa gas station.

What could be the problem if a 2001 Plymouth neon shut down while driving and will not start?

I believe that vehicle has a timing belt, it may have let go.

What are the signs you need to change tie rod ends on a 1994 Plymouth voyager?

Usually you would notice a vibration of the front wheels while driving. Lift one side of your car, grab the wheel by both hands and try moving it from side to side. Watch the tie rod end and you might see it loose at the ball joint.

Why Jeep just stop running while you are driving it?

Could be many reasons but fuel pump failure is possible.

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What are some good reasons for having a cell phone while driving?

You should always have your cell phone with you but you shouldn't ever talk or text while driving. If someone does call you, you should ignore it until you arrive at your destination

What is the problem when the 1997 Plymouth breeze cuts off while driving?

you need to get it fixed Post a comment under the right catagory... This is the BMW 3-Series section...

How do you fix a 1994 Plymouth Voyager if the door ajar light and chime and dome light keep coming on while driving?

my side door had been opened and closed so much the little button was not going in far enough because of wear on the door and button both. i put about 6 layers of electrical tape over the little dent in the door, and now have no problwem

Car jerks when driving?

There would be a number of reasons why a car might jerk while you are driving. Your fuel filter could be clogged, something might be wrong with your carburetor, or your fuel pump.

Why does a 1995 Dodge Caravan turn off while driving?

There are several reasons why a 1995 Dodge Caravan may turn off while driving. One reason could be in the electrical system. Another reason could be in the fuel system.

Why would a 2001 car just stop while driving?

Broken timing belt (if it has one) or fuel pump failure are two reasons that come to my mind, but there are many other reasons.

2000 Chevy Impala shuts off while driving?

There could be a few reasons why a 2000 Chevy Impala shuts off while driving. There could be a problem with the fuel pump, a bad spark plug, or even a loose battery cable.

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