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  • divulge this information because the slang terms are hurtful to the individual(s) involved.
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2016-04-01 18:18:27
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Q: What are some of the slang terms for lesbian or gay?
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What are some terms used by gay people?

There are no terms used only by gay people and not straight people. But if you're talking about gay slang, Here is a list of Gay Slang Terms.

What is slang word for gay men?

Gay IS a slang term! It means homosexual. Some other slang terms for homosexual men would include queer, fruit, drag queen, nancy, or pansy.

What is gay lingo?

Lingo is slang for language. So it would mean various slang terms that gay people use among themselves.

Why do girls turn into lesbians?

If you're gay, you're gay. You don't "turn into a lesbian," you just come out of the closet.

Who is Audrey le?

A person who is not a gay and lesbian :) She is also awesomethe person who put her as a gay lesbian is a gay lesbian

What are some gay and lesbian activists groups?

There are many different gay and lesbian activist groups. The largest gay and lesbian group is currently GLAAD. There are many other different groups like GRIN as well.

Can you be gay and lesbian?

The words "gay" and "lesbian" mean the same thing.

Can gay marry with lesbian?

If they did then they wouldn't be gay or lesbian now would they?

are the words gay and lesbian politically correct?

Yes, both terms are considered proper and non-derogatory.

Would you rather be gay or lesbian?

You don't have this choice. If you are a gay man, you are a gay man. If you are a gay woman, you are lesbian.

What is the slang word for gay?

Gay is a slang word for homosexual

Are there women's restrooms in gay bars?

In some cases yes, especially if the "gay" bar refers to a lesbian bar. I think not because it is a gay bar. It would be a lesbian bar for girls.

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