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Some tools used to inform, influence and motivate external entities include social media outlets, financial reports and an organization's participation in the community. These things all affect how the public sees the business.

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Q: What are some of the tools used to inform influence and motivate external publics?
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6 purpose of presentation?

To Inform To Instruct To Entertain To Inspire/ Motivate To Activate/Stimulate To persuade

Why is it important to inform external publics of significant events within the organization?

It is important because through this practice you are building customer trust and loyalty by sharing significant information with the public as well as informing new potential customers of your company. This also can attract investors as well as appease shareholders.

How can advertising inform misinform?

Advertising can demonstrate the features of products and services. The best companies are able to market to consumers and motivate them to purchase.

What is an action that one animal uses to influence or inform another animal?


What are the functions of interrupts?

Inform the CPU of the occurrence of external asynchronous events or the presence of external unpredictable conditions, so that the CPU can execute a routine to respond appropriately and promptly.

What are the functions of photography?

it can be to decorate, to use, to play, to inform, to record, to influence, to entertain, to transform and to heal

What are the different media outlets that influence and inform political debate?

Radio, Television, Newspaper and Internet Blogs

What does rhetoric do in writing?

Rhetoric helps the writers to improve their writings to attract more readers. It has a capability to improve writers to improve their work to inform and motivate particular audience in a specific situations.

Purposes of business communication?

1. Influence/persuade 2. Inform/educative 3. Initiative 4. Goodwill

Purpose of technical writing?

1. inform 2. to analyze events and their implications 3. to persuade and influence decisions

Which is correct it is to inform or this is to inform?

This is to inform

What is external report and their objectives?

An external report is a type of report that is prepared for stock holders and for the general public which includes information about the company and how it's doing. It's objective is basically to inform how the company is progressing and what it's plans are.

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