What are some of the toughest management challenges in developing IT solutions to solve business problems and still meet new e-business opportunities?

One only has to pick up virtually any newspaper or business-related magazine to see a story about some facet of new e-business opportunities. Businesses are increasingly incorporating technology into their quest to survive and compete in the marketplace. The Internet and the WWW provide the enabling mechanisms to foster the growth of electronic commerce and electronic business. Electronic commerce is defined as the use of electronic transmission mediums (telecommunications) to engage in the exchange, including buying and selling, of products and services requiring transportation, either physically or digitally, from location to location. Electronic business opportunities include the exchange of information not directly related to the actual guying and selling of goods. Increasingly, businesses are using electronic mechanisms to distribute information and provide customer support. From the two definitions defined in this answer, it is clear to see that the management challenge in developing IT solutions to solve business problems and meet new e-business opportunities may spell the difference between success and failure of many firms.


· Increased competitive pressures resulting from a rapidly changing business environment.

· Lack of familiarity with information systems development methodologies.

· Ever increasing customer expectations.

· Managers must overcome resistance to change within their own organization.