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Selena Gomez is smart because she get's home schooled but not every day x !!

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i think that Selena Gomez is really smart says Taylor lautner

Yes Selena is smart if she was not smart she will not sing

Selena Gomez is smart her IQ is 113

yes Selena was a smart kid and she did get a couple of bad grades but still she was smart!

She doesn't seem that smart.

yes,because she is pretty and smart

Yeah, she's really smart!

Taylor Launter says that she is very smart. They r also dating a little.

no she was not a very smart student because she was failed in 5 th grade.

alex russo is playing a part so she isn't that smart but... selena gomez is!

yes. Selena is only 16 and is too smart to be doing inappropriate things. .x.

okay, david Henrie and Selena Gomez are NOT dating. they are on the show wizards of Waverly place so that makes them costars. i know that because im smart

Yes iwould love to,i have a secret crush on selena she's pretty, smart, and I would faint if she texted me:)

She is 0 months because she is to smart for that and would be showing by now.

Well I think is that whatever number of conserts she haded -feels smart- ;) -winks-

Selena Gomez might have been bullied as a kid, I think that because innocent smart kids grow up to intelligent beautiful stars. But if she had been, the bullies should be shamed of theirselves.

It hasn't been revealed yet but Selena Gomez wants to shave Justin Bieber's head! Selena is "not smart!". She should not shave his head.

No, his current girlfriend is Selena Gomez.... and she is 18 years old. :) No she's actually 19 smart one.

Selena Gomez is a Disney star from the hit TV show "Wizards Of Waverly Place", commonly known as "WOWP". Selena is a young talented actress who enjoys to sing and has a few albums her self. She tends to be the role model for A LOT of young girls as she is pretty, smart, funny and talented.

yes she is totley smart

who knows! this girl in my school. she is in 3rdgrade, she wears padded brawls! WOW!! Do u think that's clever? (smart)

In some peoples opinions, yes Alex Wolf is smart.

She has a great personality shes nice and smart and doesnt lie i shes always trying to make bad things fun and she loves life and everything in it:)

Well rumor is he did, and he claims that he didnt dedicate it to anyone it just came from the heart but what i know is that he was dating Miley Cyrus when he wrote it, but shortly after he wrote it and before it premeared they broke up so he dedicated to miley shortly after it premeared he got together with Selena Gomez, well since the press isn't that smart they thought he dedicated it to Selena and that's how he won her over. Hope i help!!! no they are just friends

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