What are some opinions on whether or not evolution should be taught in schools?

There are many aspects of evolution such as the process of radioactive carbon dating and the many assumptions that are made from the discovery of a single part of a fossilised organism that involve huge amounts of guess work. there is almost no proof suggesting that organisms can evolve into entirely new ones, such as an ape becoming a human. Darwin's theory of how variation from beneficial mutation within a species can result in the change of characteristics within that species does in fact appear to be true, but does not in any way explain the origin of life on earth nor the diversity of species. Creation or Intelligent Design which is the other strongest explanation does account for the origin of life, and explains how it is possible that all life on earth doesn't have a common origin. Both views should be taught as together they make a very strong explanation.

I believe that it should be taught because it is the best theory out there. I also believe that religion and religious teachings should not be taught in school.

Evolution should be taught in schools, but ONLY if the alternative of SPECIAL CREATION is taught alongside it so that the students can do a comparison for themselves and make up their own mind: as it is, they can spend 16 years going all through primary and secondary school and university where they are only taught the theory of evolution as a fact, and when they leave and enter the big, wide world they get a great shock and say "At the very least why wasn't I told?".

Evolution IS taught in most schools, and it is presented because it is scientifically correct. There is no reason NOT to teach it. If the school is a private one, it should still be taught because evolution has far and away the greatest and strongest supporting body of facts that uphold it. As regards Intelligent Design, It's pseudo-scientific nonsense. More importantly, it cannot be taught in public school science classes as it is NOT science. It is religious creationism repackaged, as US Federal courts have consistently ruled, and is barred from public school classrooms by the US Constitution.