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Turkey (Country)

What are some parts of turkey country?

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Why is some turkey meat white or and some brown bit it's from the same turkey?

Different parts of the turkey have different meats.

Is turkey a hot or cold country?

Turkey is a very hot country and some times it can be cold but not rarely

How is the country Turkey spelled in Turkey?

The country Turkey is spelled as "Türkiye" in Turkey.

What is the new name of Mesopotamia country?

There are many countries in Mesopotamia. There is Iraq, Iran,Turkey, and Syria.Mesopotamia is the name given to the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system, along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, largely corresponding to modern day Iraq, as well as some parts of northeastern Syria, some parts of southeastern Turkey, and some parts of the Khuzestan Province of southwestern Iran.

Do they recycle in the country Turkey?

some times not always

Mesopotamia was located in which modern day country?

It was located in the modern day country Iraq. Parts of it extend into Turkey and Syria, but the most important parts of Mesopotamia are in central Iraq.

What group that occupies parts of turkey Iran and Iraq want their own country?

Kurdish people

What if the desert climate spreads to Turkey?

The Syrian Desert does extend into a small part of Turkey. Most of the remaining parts of the country are already semiarid in nature.

Is Demre a country in Turkey?

No, Turkey is a country itself.

Is turkey a foreign country?

A foreign country is any country which you do not live in. Turkey is a foreign country if you don't live there. If you do live in Turkey, then it is not a foreign country.

Parts of a turkey?

turkey waddle or wattle

In what country is the Syrian Desert located?

The Syrian Desert covers parts of Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey.

Is turkey a spanish-speaking country?

No. Turkey is a Turkish-speaking country, where there are some western Mediterranean languages spoken in a non-official capacity.

Is turkey in Iran?

Turkey is a country near the country of Iran.

Is Turkey a country?

Yes. The Republic of Turkey is an independent country.

Is turkey a rich or poor country?

Turkey is a "rich" country ...

Why is the country Turkey called Turkey?

actually you dont call Turkey the country as turkey the animal. you call the animal as Turkey. because the first turkey(hindi animal) comes from the country Turkey. lots of turkeys huh.

India is poor country or rich country?

People say that India is poor... Well, some parts are and some parts aren't

What is another word for turkey stuffing that starts with a d?

In some parts of the United States, turkey stuffing is also called dressing

What are some Christmas traditions in the country Turkey?

Turkey has no Christmas tradition.People in Turkey who celebrate Christmas do same things as other people who celebrate Christmas.

What country is considered to be in Europe and Asia?

Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia all have parts in Europe and Asia.

Is turkey a state?

Turkey is a country.

Does Turkey really exist as a country?

Yes, Turkey (the country) exists.

Is turkey a Muslim country?

No, Turkey is a secular country with majority Muslims.

What is the country animal of turkey?

The country animal of Turkey is the gray wolf