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What are some patterns of behavior for Mexican walking fish?


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The axolotl is carnivore which eats small prays like worms or insects.

The axolotl's body can grow up to 30 cm.

The axolotl can regenerate, for example, if a limb is lost it can grow back in 8 weeks.

The axolotl contains poison glands, so any predator must think twice on eating this little salamander.The axolotl has a weird social behavior. Some domestic axolotls that live in groups often eat each other or eat the other axolotl's egg, so it's preferable to house them individually.

The axolotl is nearing extinction. The axolotl mainly was native from Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco, but, unfortunately, these lakes have already disappeared or diminished, and most of these species are kept in hatcherys.


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Yes, the Mexican walking fish, or axolotl salamander is endangered in the wild. They are protected. Domestic ones seem to be plentiful in various colorations and patterns.

Yes the mexican walking fish is endangered.

where in the world is the mexican walking fish found

I am not sure.but i am confused why you put Mexican walking fish. bettas and Mexican walking fish are not related.Bettas were first discovered in Thailand's rice paddies.

A Mexican walking fish otherwise known as an Axolotl is called a walking fish due to the fact that it has a fish shape, but it also has four legs which it uses to 'walk' on the bottom of the water.

Mexican walking fish are aquatic salamanders called axolotls. Axolotls can not live out of water.

A Mexican Walking Fish Eats Meat Because Its A Carnivore.

the Mexican walking fish defends itself against predators by camouflaging itself in the surroundings.

All fish are vertebrates.

The Mexican walking fish or axolotl, is seriously threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and water pollution.

The Mexican walking fish is near extinction, as of August 2014. The fish is important to save because of the ability it has regeneration and healing abilities.

Mexican Walking Fish live in Lake Xochimilco in Central Mexico.

In Mexico or a exotic fish shop

no.the axolotl are salamanders and the walking fish are actually fish that walk on their fins

It lives in central mexico.

Yes Mexican walking fish are endangered and one of the reasons they are endangered is because they mostly lived in two main lakes in Mexico Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. Unfortunately both lakes no longer exist, which is why these creatures are so endangered. An estimate in 1998 the population of Mexican walking fish was 1500 per square mile, but to this day there are only about 25 per square mile. Also yes Mexican walking fish do live in Mexico. I saw a map of where Mexican walking fish live and it is a part of Mexico.

Axolotl is known as a Mexican salamander. This is also called a Mexican walking fish.

Yes, he had one fish (lizard). It was a Mexican Walking Fish or Axolotl.

yes it has predators like the Fishing pole and a fish guter

Nicaragua... naw jk Mexico

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