What are some patterns of behavior for Mexican walking fish?

The axolotl is carnivore which eats small prays like worms or insects.

The axolotl's body can grow up to 30 cm.

The axolotl can regenerate, for example, if a limb is lost it can grow back in 8 weeks.

The axolotl contains poison glands, so any predator must think twice on eating this little salamander.The axolotl has a weird social behavior. Some domestic axolotls that live in groups often eat each other or eat the other axolotl's egg, so it's preferable to house them individually.

The axolotl is nearing extinction. The axolotl mainly was native from Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco, but, unfortunately, these lakes have already disappeared or diminished, and most of these species are kept in hatcherys.