What are some physical features of Cameroon?

Cameroon is located in the "bend" of eastern Africa, where the coastline changes from a general east-west orientation to a north-south one. It comprises roughly a tall triangle with the long point in the north, at Lake Chad. I should say "very roughly" because none of its borders are close to being straight lines.

It has a diverse geography. It's near the equator, about 6 degrees north, so its 250 miles of coastline is tropical. The port of Douala is on the Bight of Biafra, a bay opening to the Atlantic Ocean. The northern part of the country is semi-arid plateau bounded by Nigeria on the west and Chad on the east. The Central African Republic is also to the east just south of Chad.

Cameroon's southern border has Equatorial Guinea to the west, then Gabon, and the Congo to the east. The eastern portion of the country is mountains and forests. The south is mainly coastal lowlands except for further east where there are tropical jungles and forests.

Cameroon is a little smaller than Spain in area and has a population of about 19 million.