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the physics formula for finding distance is v/t or speed divided by time. An easy way to remember this is to use something called the magic triangle, it will help you figure out the formulas for time, speed and distance and essentially velocity. The triangle is


V=Speed T=Time

D= Distance and T= Time

V= Speed

D= V x T

V= D/T

T= D/V

Velocity's formula is Df(finale)-Di(initial)/ T or delta D/ Delta T

Delta= Change

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Where can one find physics formulas online?

Places to find physics formulas online would be on education or schooling websites. Some sites that have the formulas are free test online in the physics formula section and physics help.

What are some physics formulas for finding distance if you have mass and gravitational force?

If an object is dropped near the surface of a planet, then the distance it fallsduring the first ' S ' seconds after it's dropped is(1/2) (acceleration of gravity on that planet) (S2) .The object's mass doesn't matter, because it makes no difference.

What are some useful physics formulas?

All of them. Depends on what you are trying to do.

What is an example of action at a distance?

There isn't one. According to standard physics, it is impossible. However, some models of quantum physics seem to allow for it under special conditions.

What is formulas finding speed and velocity?

velocity = distance / time There are also some formulae involving acceleration; for example, in the case of constant acceleration: velocity = initial velocity + acceleration x time If the acceleration is not constant, an integral is used instead.

How does pipe welders use physics?

Pipe welders only use the simplest form of physics just basic stuff like temperature,expansion,heat manipulation. In some cases combustion. It doesn't mean you have to physics formulas in your head you just have to know the basic physic meanings for those terms.

What is a physics lab?

A lab in which some sort of physics or physics related field is conducted.

Do you use kilometers to measure distance?

in physics, km is used but you may use meters for some problemsYes. A kilometer is 1000 meters.

How economics related to physics?

Not especially closely. However, a lot of people with physics training are finding their skills in demand in the finance sector, because it turns out that some of the mathematical equations that describe physical systems can be used to model economic behavior as well.

How can physics explain all occurrences in environment?

Some can be explain by physics but mostly physics can not because it is natural.

How do you use the word physics in a sentence?

I am going to "physics" class. -or- I'm gonna learn me some "physics"

What are the aptitudes of plumbing?

Blue print drawing, reading, welding, soldering, brazing code interpretations, physics, metallurgy, some chemistry, hydrostatic formulas for friction loss and pressures.

How many miles in a degree?

None. A mile is a unit used to measure distance. Degrees have no relationship to distance measurement. They are used to measure arcs and angles in mathematics and temperature in physics, as well as having some other meanings.

How do police use math?

Here are some examples of how math can help police: skid marks can be measured, and using formulas, determine how fast a car was going. Probabilities can help estimate behavior of an unknown criminal. Physics helps determine distance bullets travel, etc.Basic adding, subtracting and multiplying and dividing

Can you view some Physics Questions?

Yes and no, some physics can post questions and answers on the internet but, some don't want to or, can't do it.

What are some foreign physics?


What are some of the different physics laboratory apparatuses?

The flatform balance is used in physics

What education or training do you need to become a PhD in physics?

You need to study enough physics to undertake research into some aspect of physics.

Physicist are scientists that mainly study what?

Physics! There are obviously some derivations but they study physics.

What is the different of pure physics and apllied physics?

Pure physics is the mathematical theory behind physics. ex) The derivations, understanding, and proofs of Fourier Series that are required in electrical engineering. Applied physics is the use of physics to produce some event in a physical system. ex) Using Fourier Series to achieve some goal in electrical engineering.

What is the system of measurements and its units?

For Physics, we typically use the SI system. Some of its units are the meter(for distance), gram(for mass), joule(for energy), newton(for force), and the second(for time).

How is chemistry related with physics?

Chemistry is related with physics in some electrochemical processes.e.g making some electrochemical cells such as lemon battery

Nuclear physics is the field of physics?

Nuclear Physics is a field of physics, yes. It involves interactions between atomic nuclei. Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, nuclear decay (though in some ways that is more particle physics).

What are some of the features of the nape physics engine?

Some of the features of the nape physics engine are the ability to write code for the iOS systems. On YouTube there are videos that demonstrate all the things that nape physics engine can do.

Which is more easy mathematics or physics?

Mathematics is easier. Physics requires mathematics to understand physics. Different people find different subjects easier. For some, physics is more concrete and easier.