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First off, you should know what a gunner really means. :) A gunner ideally is the guy on the team who can light it up (mid range scoring, fast-breaks, quick threes and the like). This guy should be able to do those things wether he starts or comes off the bench.

Pointers on becoming a good "gunner":

1) master the pull up-jumper. -This should be your bread and butter move :) score in bunches with this. By telling u this, it includes having better lower body str. :)

2).Be a better finisher.-Fast breaks, or backdoor plays, gunners always finish the job.

3) Quick Threes.- Gotta be careful with this one, but bringing the ball down and pulling up for a quick three with 17 or 18 seconds left in the shot clock and then making the shot? This is a printed message to the opponent: "Im hot and you better call a time out right now" :) This is a heat check :) Gunners always have the license for the occasional heat check.

4) Getting to the line- Gunners always have the defense's attention. You don't always have to pass away when help defense comes. Gunners attack like theres no tomorrow. Get to the line, make free throws.

I personally am not a gunner, i am the exact opposite, i specialize in defense, but all the games i played, i came across these gunners you were talking about, and these are the things i realized from them. hope it helps.

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Q: What are some pointers on being a good gunner?
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