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What are some popular foods in Germany?


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Spaghetti is the most common and popular in Germany.

*Different provinces in Germany enjoy different foods. In the north "Gruehnkohl" is very popular. If you go to the southern region in Bavaria, they are not very familiar with Gruehnkohl. In Bavaria "Weisswurst" is very popular - it is a type of sausage.

Almost all Germans, no matter the region, love hamburgers and currywurst. Currywurst, which is a type of sausage (bratwurst,knackwurst, rindwurst) consists of the sausage being sliced into pieces, and then covered in a curry sauce which normally consists of ketchup or tomato paste blended with curry powder.

Germans also enjoy "Rotkohl" (Red Cabbage), "Erbsensuppe" (Split pea soup), "Linsensuppe" (lentil soup), and any meal consisting of meat and potatoes with gravy.

Schnitzel is also very popular. Schnitzel is sort of like a breaded pork chop. I most certainly can't leave out the "pommes" which are french fries.
It really depends on what region you visit, but overall the number 1 favorite food in Germany is Schweinebraten.
bratwurst is Germanys favourite food