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My 2000 Villager had the same problems, turned out the distributor was bad - not sure if it was the cam shaft sensor, the power transistor or the bearings giving out in the distributor. Replaced it and all was good. Check with a timing light while cold and when the engine starts to fail. I also found some broken metal pieces in the distributor.


also check for clogged catalytic converter. remove the front o2 sensor. drive van with sensor removed. if problem goes away, your catalytic converter is probably the problem. go to local auto parts store and ask them to scan the OBD. they will do it for free. dealer charges about $80. some sensors will turn on service engine light and some will not. the knock sensor will not turn on service engine light, but if it is malfunctioning the OBD scan will retrieve a code. I had the exact same problem with my 1993 Villager and I went to 6 diferrent garages paid for diagnostic scans, paid hour after hour of shop time. No one could figure it out. Including Ford and spent a fortune trying to cure the problem. Changed the O2 sensor, wires and and plugs, etc. etc. It was very frustrating. A backyard mechanic finally found the problem (brilliant man)and it cost me no new parts just a cup of coffee for my friend. MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR was dirty. It is a small part located under the hood up near the windshield. It is square. When you unscrew the small screw holding it on you lift the top part off. There is a small wire (looks like a guitar string) in there. Mine didn't need to be replaced it was dirty. Looked like a dust build up. My buddy cleared it off by a quick blow with an air compressor. DO NOT TOUCH the wire, I don't know if touching it will harm it. But remember to be gentle after all it is a sensor. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

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Q: What are some possible causes for a 1999 Mercury Villager to stall after running warm for about 45 minutes?
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What is the fuel pressure on a 1994 mercury villager?

30 - 35 PSI with the engine running.

What is the normal fuel pressure reading for a 1999 Mercury Villager?

It should be 30-35 psi with the engine running.

Where is the daytime running light control module in a 1994 mercury villager?

Inside the engine compartment by the passenger strut tower

What is the fuel pressure 2000 Mercury Villager?

30- 32 psi engine running, 36-40 psi key on engine off.

How do you get the check engine light off in 1997 mercury villager van?

By bringing it to a trained mechanic so they can check the engine is running properly (which if the light is on it's probably not)

Will a bad knock sensor make a 1999 Mercury Villager stop running?

No. The knock sensor alerts you to the fact that there is an engine vibration that needs attention. Mine has been awaiting replacement for six months.

O2 sensor problems with Mercury Villager?

If the o2 sensor is bad, replace it. If the sensors are activating the check engine light, then the codes should be checked. The catalytic converter could be blocked or the engine may not be running properly.

Fuel pump makes noise when the engine is idling on 1994 mercury villager?

I'll bet the fuel pump makes noise when the engine is running on the road too. You just can't hear it then. It's possible you have a bearing getting ready to seize up. I think I would replace the fuel pump now before it leaves you walking.

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What would cause significant white exhaust and running rougher only when it is cold outside on a 1999 Mercury Tracer?

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Why is your 1997 mercury villager running worse after spark plug change?

Is it running rough? I am wiling to bet you need to replace the plugs/wires. The roughness you experience is the sparking or arching with old plugs/wires. They cost about $45. Use a light coating of bulb grease on the ends of the the new wires, and replace them in the right order.

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How do you activate the daytime running light for Mercury Villager 1998?

The DRL system does not need to be "activated", it is automatic and turns the lights on at reduced power whenever the engine is running with the park brake off. If the lights you are looking at are down low in the bumper at each corner, these are fog lights. There is a switch just below the headlight switch. Some Mercury models required you to pull out on the headlight switch. Check the owners' manual for proper operation.

When do spark plugs need changing in a 1996 Mercury Villager GS?

Your owner's manual will list this. If you do not have one then change them at the first sign of the engine running badly, check engine light on, fuel mileage dropping, or at 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How much voltage for fuel pump on a 95 Mercury Villager fuel pump?

With the key on, engine off, with the relay pulled in, there should be very close to 12 volts. Withe the engine running there should be at least 13.5, but I don't know how you'd test that.

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Where is the daytime running light module on a 1998 Mercury Villager?

As far as I can determine, only the Canadian models have a DRL system. There isn't much info on it in US repair manuals. I own a 1994 Canadian Villager. On my vehicle, the module is screwed onto the passenger side strut tower, right behind the cruise control servo. Not sure if the 1998 models are the same, but should be pretty similar.

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