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The culprit is oil collecting in the cylinder and not being burnt off. Generally it is caused by 1) leaky valve seals, 2) worn rings, 3) leaking head gasket.

The first check should be a compression test to verify if the rings or heads are leaking. If they are fine the only thing left is the valve seals. Not an easy fix but can be done by a home mechanic with some effort.

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Q: What are some possible causes of oil fouled spark plugs?
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Why do spark plugs fail?

Wear. Fouled. Cracked.

What is a fouled spark plug?

Fouling spark plugs can happen when the tip temperature is insufficient to burn off carbon, fuel, oil or other deposits and causes spark to leach to metal spark across plug gap will cause a misfire. Wet-fouled spark plugs must be changed as they won't fire. Dry-fouled spark plugs can sometimes be successfully cleaned by bringing the engine up to the operating temp.

Why does my car putter when running?

possible fouled spark plugs, bad fuel. check both and if both are good, get back to me.

What causes a 2001 Neon to jerk when you speed up?

Faulty/fouled spark plugs or spark plug wires. I had this problem and a set of new wires fix it.

Why are the spark plugs black on my 1993 Toyota tercel?

if the spark plugs are black because your car is running too rich. your plugs are fouled.

What happens when the spark plugs of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix are fouled out?

intake manifold gasket is leaking and water is getting on the plugs, plastic piece melts and causes leak

Can fouled spark plugs cause engine shaking and knocking as well as loss of power?

Yes, fouled spark plugs can cause engine shaking, and loss or power. I'm not sure about knocking but I'd guess that too.

Could the spark plugs be the reason why your car wont start?

Absolutely. Worn plugs or carbon-fouled plugs can cause an engine to not start.

What causes knocking after changing the spark plugs?

Possible wrong heat range of plug. Make sure you have the right plugs for the vehicle.

Will fouled spark plugs couse a Chevy 350 not to crank after cleaning the carb?

no The starter should engage whether the plugs are fouled or not. However, the engine may not start if enough plugs are fouled. If you feel that you have flooded the engine or fouled the plugs you may need to clean them before it will start. If you have caused the carburetor float level or other settings to be significantly changed, the engine will flood and it will not start.

Do spark plugs loose power?

Spark plugs do not loose power, rather, they become worn and erroded. On occasion they may also become fouled, indicating a mechanical or fuel problem.

What causes spark plugs to stop firing?

No spark from coil, bad plug wires, or bad plugs.

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