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What are some possible problems that would cause the check engine light on a 2002 Chevy with 44K miles to come on?

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Right off the top with out going into detail I would try checking your air filter. Also check fuel filter both of these can cause your check engine light to come on. With that new of a car or truck there shouldn,t be any thing major wrong with it. Also check your fuel filler cap make sure it is on right. These newer car are so computerized the slightist thing causes your check engine light to come on. They have got censors all over them ready to go off at any time.

As a Gm master tech, the most likely cause is a Evap code caused by your fuel cap not being on tight. This code only sets if your fuel is 1/4 to 3/4 full. Tighten the cap and disconnect the battery to clear the code. If you let me know what model vehicle and can give you some more hints to what else it might be.

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