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Shot or immunization can cause you from not getting HIV nor AIDS and can stop bacteria from giving you an infection.

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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Which circulatory system of vessels provides the heart with its own blood supply for nutrients and oxygen

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Q: What are some potential AIDS vaccines?
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Do vaccines cause AIDS?

Vaccines do not cause AIDS.

What are some potential AID vaccines?

Shot or immunization can cause you from not getting HIV nor AIDS and can stop bacteria from giving you an infection.

What is the function of the marker protection?

The function of the marker protection is to predict potential AIDS vaccines efficacy. This is taught in health.

What viruses do not have vaccines?


What is one probolem that scientists must overcome to develope a vaccinefor AIDS?

there already is vaccines for AIDS...

Can aids be cured by newly developed vaccines?

There is no known cure for the AIDS virus. Vaccines are created as preventative medicines to help protect individuals that do not already have a disease from contracting the virus.

Who studied aids and runs HIV vaccines in Trinidad?

louis pasteur

The aids virus and the hepatitis b virus exit the body through?


Who studies aids and runs HIV vaccines trials in Trinidad?

louis pasteur

Which are the diseases for which vaccines are not discovered?

Currently, all vaccines on the market today only exist for diseases caused by viruses- though not all diseases caused by viruses have a corresponding vaccine. Notably, the common cold (rhinoviruses) and AIDS (HIV) have no vaccines.

Can vaccines cause problems in pregnancy?

Yes, some can. Some vaccines are safe in pregnancy, and others are not. Your doctor can tell you what vaccines are right for you before, during and after pregnancy.

Why do some people have allergic reactions to certain vaccines?

yes some people are allergic to certain vaccines.

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