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well if theres no job how are you gonna feed yourself the six kids and the newborn?

that's the problem.

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Why some peoples hate the love?

because they family problems and sorrounding problems how to solve the family problems

Can you choose any surname for your newborn even if it is a name unrelated to your family?

By strong custom newborn children are given surnames associated with one or both of their parents. You will probably encounter strong resistance if you try to do otherwise. Nevertheless, in some countries you can do that , but on others it is not legal.

What are some of the common problems of family?

some common family problems are: not getting along, financial issues, fighting, parents. and other.

What are the three main problems in life that give rise to frustration?

There are not just 3, there are so many more problems that arises frustration and maybe the problems cannot be fixed, whereas some problems are only temporary. Everyone has some problems in thier life, some irreparable. here is a list of some problems: Financial problems Family problems Relationship problems Children problems Teenage problems Emotional problems (Someone passing away, etc) Social problems

Problems with parents?

All children at one point or another have problems with their parents. There are some parents that have legitimate problems, and abuse and neglect their children.

Do famous people have family problems?

of course famous people have family problems, every living person on this planet is bound to have some family problems big or little.

Did Thomas Jefferson have any family problems?

well some problems

What are some health risks for newborn rottweiler puppies?

Newborn rottweiler puppies are at risk of problems common to most newborn animals, including being taken away from the mother too early, which, if the puppies are not hand-raised, can lead to death. Other problems include birth defects, infection and injury. Newborn puppies must always be kept in a safe environment, as they are born blind.

Why are some people having depression?

Some people are having family problems or having friendship problems.

What is some good qualities Cesar Chavez family instilled in their children?

name some good qualities cesars family instilled in there children

Children of the city?

Some children who live in the city have been known to have a lot of problems. These problems include drinking and doing drugs.

How many kids are there in a German family?

It really depends. Some average information says that there are 1,6 children in an average German family. So, as you can see usually between one and two children, but some people have no children, some have 10. Depending on the family.

What are some of the problems caused by unemployment?

family breakdowndue to unemployment parents can't educated their children well; so in these case, children may be illiterate or not well educatedsome people even do illegal activities such as robbery, smuggling and etc..

What kind of family problem could someone have in a short story?

Everybody's family has problems -- write about some problems your own family has had, or something you've seen another family have. Don't depend on some anonymous person on the internet to think for you!

What are some social needs for a newborn baby?

What are some social needs for a newborn baby

What are some common difficulties children have with schoolwork?

Children often run into problems with their schoolwork. These can range from disruptive classmates to psychological problems of their own, such as ADHD.

How many children did an Elizabethan family have?

Some had none, some had many.

What are some problems to write about?

Family, love, best friend relashionship, personal, school, mental/emotional problems. They can be any problems you have. :)

What are some problems of children your age meet in your interaction to other children?

I think the problems that children encounter when they interact with other children would be more on the psychosocial readiness of the child to interact with other children. They have different likes and personalities and bullying is common.

What is Pythagoras's family?

Some people argue that he had a family. Not much was known about his life and some say he had a wife and two children.

What are the social problems of the Philippines?

Some social problems of the Philippines are: unemployment poverty pollution street children illiteracy

What did children do on the Trail of Tears?

The children walked along with their family. Some died of walking and starvation.

Mother roles in family?

A mother plays many different roles in the family. Some of these roles include nurturing the children, caring for the children, feeding the family, and keeping the family organized and on track with things.

What is the opposite word of newborn?

Some synonyms for newborn are old, aged, and elderly.

What do Family Services social workers do?

Child, family, and school social workers. Some of these workers find foster homes for abused or neglected children. They also help parents learn how to care for children better. Other social workers help with adoptions. Social workers in schools give students and teachers advice about learning problems, behavior problems, and social problems, like bullying or shyness. Other social workers help elderly people and their families.