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What are some pros and cons of the roman republic?

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The main reason why the Republic didn't work would be greed, and the rapidly changing face of roman society,

Rome at this time had just won all three of the Punic wars with Carthage, and as a result the empire became richer and so society was changing at a greater pace than the Roman Republic could deal with. Political infighting was getting worse, and the large gapes between social classes was causing tension and was leading to social instability.

When the republic began, property owners were expected to voluntarily defend the state. However, the majority of the army were small farmers, they couldn't afford to spend a long time away from the farm. This led them to loose business and stability.

The taxes were too high. The richest people exempted themselves from taxes, the middle and working class got so poor that they couldn't support the government with their taxes and the empire collapsed.

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