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What are some really good dirty dares for boy's?

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ok i have a few

1. make him masturbate in front of you and him both sit down naked and feel each other soon comming to sex

3. get him to have an erection in front of you

4. tell him to try and suck it

5. tell him to suck you all over

6. sit on his face with a bare bum

7. make him lick your bum 100 times

2011-09-13 19:31:32
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What are good dirty dares for girls and boys?

good dirty dares for girls

What are some good dirty texting dares?

Send me a pic of you __________________.

Good dares for boys?

i dare you to wear makeup

Some good non dirty dares for a party?

Let the kids decide

What are some really good 'dares' for a teen party?

kiss the person opposite you.

What are some really good somewhat dirty dares for a sleepover?

spend the night over a friends house wearing a pair of socks you have worn for three days!

Good dares for truth or dare?

it truly depends on dirty r clean or you can download an app

What are good dirty dares for guys?

dare them to jump in to a swamp

What are good non dirty dares to do at a sleepover?

You can have them eat something really gross, but safe. Have them put on really ugly nailpolish and they have to keep it on for x amount of time. Call up a guy and sing a lullabye to them, really embarrassing but extremley funny.

Some good non-dirty fun dares?

secrets, eating disgusting food, saying silly things. hth

What are some good dirty dares?

strip off all you clothes and put on a bra and panties or a thong then got to a girl in that and offer her sex

What dares can you do with only 2 girls and 2 boys at a private sleepover?

OK, you shouldn't have boys and girls at a sleepover. But if you must, then, you can like dare the boy or girl to one of their weaknesses, and have a consequence like hugging a person they really hate randomly. ^ those some sh!tty dares, SEXUAL DARES MY FRIEND. Grabbing the places where the sun dont shine and boobs and stuff. Thats where its at, and spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven are other good ones.

I am turning 13 and im having boys and girls come over what are some good dares?

go to and get the dare forums

What are some really good dares?

i think a really good dare is riding the biggest roller coaster in the world (that is if your not a roller coaster person) but that would be a little extreme.:)

What are really good dares for two 12 year old girls?

I think a good game would be the less dramatic dares that you find on line. I know this is a hard age to find good games. :) Phone your crush you love him T P your neighboors

Good non dirty truths and dares?

Some good and-non dirty truth'n'dares are not hard to come up with, you should just be creative. A good dare would be daring your bestie to tell everyone in the grade of her/his latest crush. A good truth 'one' would be saying 'is it the truth that you have never told a lie', or something like that. Just be creative.

What are good dares for kids?

Condiment tasting.

What dares are good for boys and girls you need some fun and funny ones?

Try maybe, pretending it is your wedding day and saying what your vowels would be to that exact person?? .

Are emo boys good lovers?

yeas..they really are!

What is a list of good dares for a hen party?

Hen night dares are a fun game to play when you are looking for a good misuse of time. There are two basic ways to play hen night dares. The first is to play with a spinner or a bottle.

What are the attributes of a hyena?

Really good looking, smell nice, good kissers, smart and good dirty dancers

What are some really good dares for 12 year olds?

Put on your moms bra and underwear and dance to im to sexy 4 my shirt

What are some good dares?

Sing "What What in the Butt" to your crush.

What is an example of a sentence using congregation?

Twilight is a really good book I am hungrey Dirty

What is good to make Pepsi explode?

No it can make your house really dirty and you have to clean it up.