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firstly...helloz to all.......true love does not exist....even if it comes wid a lot of complications....thr r many aspects ur family....ur spouse..etc etc ..if u r an indian...i dont believe in luv personally...bcoz though it may be comes wid so many complications......dat u would rather forget ur luv dan force ouit and face those complications...n be sure dat someday all ur efforts...go down d dear pals....whoeva dont believe dat luv is not sunny and warm like d come n voice out ur opinions......

luv to all


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Q: What are some reasons why you should not fall in love?
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What are some reasons people fall in love with the wrong person?

That is not Love That is Craze. and after knowing him or her the craze will be over. they thought they love wrong people. there is no love from starting

Can you love without reasons?

Yeah. Like some people believe that when they see they're special one, they immediately fall in love with them, and some of them do, and sometime it even works out!

How do you fall in love with somebody?

Some fall in love easier than others, and the reasons people fall in love are different, so it would depend on the individual. However, to fall in love, it usually requires a person to be somewhat endearing toward another, or have certain traits that are attractive and a person feels they can no longer live without.

What are some reasons that is not for the decline and the fall of the roman empire?

Find out what the reasons were and decided what were not the reasons.

What are some reasons a boy should love respect and trust his girlfriend after she lied to him?

None whatsoever.

Should sixth graders fall in love?

well yes.. of coares anyone may fall in love its not harmfull or alligal its not like your going to die or have some terrible accident if you do. i fell in love when i was in the 6th grade... why cant you? some times you cant help it if you do.

What are some reasons why smoking should be banned?

What are some reasons why smoking should be banned?

Does everypne have the capacity to fall in love?

well yeah we all have the capacity to fall in love but some people wait until later in life to fall in love.

Can you fall in love with Omarion?

Some can, and some can't.

Can your true love love you and fall in love with some one else?

No he cant

What are some reasons for the fall of the German Kaiser in 1918?


What would be some reasons why a boy that claimed to love you or be in love with you wouldn't want to be your friend?

because he wants to be way more than that. you should give him a try!!

Where did the name love come from?

no! some people do fall in love! (EW!)

If I fall in love What should I do?

when you fall in love date her/ him for some time make sure you plan it so you both know what you are doing after like 20-25 dates then you should perpoes or get in gaget to him/her because in the long run your back at squre 1 because you hate children

Does everyone fall in love at some point in their life?

It is human nature for people to fall in love at some point in their life. Love is an emotion that everyone possesses. Thinking that everyone will experience this is not unfathomable.

Does everybody fall in love in his life necessarily?

most people do fall in love in their lives. but some people hate the world(like emos) and think that love is pointless. to some people love comes early but sometimes you need to wait to fall in love. if you go and look for love it is not likely you will find it. if you wait love will come when you least expect it.

Why do people love music?

People love music for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include that they relate to the sound and lyrics, some find it soothing and comforting, and some appreciate it as an art form.

How long does it take a man to fall in love?

Not very long. Some people can fall in love at the age of 4 years old.

How did Paris and Helen fall in love?

some people think it was Eros (aka cupid) who shot an arrow to Helen making her fall in love with Paris and some people think it was an a spell from the goddess of love

Why some people never fall in love?

Some used to be in love but then got hurt and don't believe in love, while others don't want to get hurt and are scared to fall in love. Then there are those who simply have no such drives nor interests.

Way some one is failling in love?

Love is something of the spirit . We fall in love when we like someone.

Why is it so hard to fall in loveyet easy to fall out of love?

Love is a very complex thing. Sometimes people think that it is actually love when it is not. Could you understand that? If you truly love someone you can not fall out of love with them, some part of you is given to them and they keep it forever, whether or not you like that.

What does a man mean when he says he didn't want to fall in love?

It means just that. He didn't want, for some reason, to fall in love but has anyway.

Why do people love chris?

People love Chris Brown for different reasons. Some fans (women) say that he is attractive. Some will love him for his appearance, and some love him for his talents and music.

What are some reasons why same-sex couples should not marry?

Same-sex couples should not marry if they do not love each other. They should not marry solely for money. In short, the reasons for not marrying are the same for same-sex couples as for any other couple.