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What are some recommended children's books?

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Children's BooksSee the links to the right for recommendations from parents collected over the years at misc.kids.

Here are some suggestions for specific books:

  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • "I Can Read" Books and "Step Into Learning" series are great for beginning readers. Check on eBay for huge lots of these books. Purchase about 50 to 100 of them. An instant library! Take the time to read each one with your child and before you know it, they'll be reading to you! I did this with my five and 3 year old. My daughter can read now and she just started Kindergarten. My son can read on particular book that he reads by memory. This is good practice!
  • "Goodnight Moon", "The Runaway Bunny", "Feminist Folktales From Around the World", (has to be ordered but is well worth it), "My Mama Says...There's No Such Thing as Monsters", "The Snowy Day"...anything you as a parent feel is appropriate and that your children are interested in hearing or reading!
  • My children have all been fascinated with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of 'Little House' books. They are a way of teaching history values and writing skills all in one without the child realizing it! There are even websites to join if they get really hooked.
  • The Beatrix Potter tales...these are very sweet little books, about rabbits and mice and such. They have beautiful illustrations and are fascinating to young children when read aloud.
  • We recently had a local author visit our school (Stocklmeir Elementary School) and they just loved her book. The author's name is Jennifer Fosberry and her book is titled "My Name is Not Isabella". It centers on strong historical women such as Elizabeth Blackwell, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks, who are great role models for todays little girls. It even has a short biography for each women.
  • Our favorites not listed: Courderoy, Ferdinand, Eloise, The Three Questions, The Little Engine That Could, Olivia and Click Clack Moo - Cows that Type.

Good books for children vary with the ages. If your child is young, between the ages of three and seven, here are some books they should read.

-The naked mole rat gets dressed (Borders, Barnes and Noble)

-Courderoy books

-Emily the Rabbit books (Emily's Birthday, Emily's Easter, Emily's Valentine's Day)

-The Berenstien Bears series

-Arthur the Aardvark

-Thomas the Tank Engine

-Junie B. Jones

-Amelia Bedelia

-A-Z mysteries

-Strawberrt Shortcake books

-Blues Clues books

-Baby Sitters' Little Sisters

-You should also give them interactive books like the touch and feel books so they can learn to identify texture at a young age.

Children between the ages of 7 and 11 should read more chapter books like:

-Katie Kazoo Switcheroo

-How I Survived Middle School (Madame President; Into the Woods; The New Girl)

-The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (Look Before You Leap, The More The Merrier, Every Cloud has a Silver Lining)

-Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls

-Candy Apple Books (Accidentally Fooled; Callie For President; Miss Popularity; Babbysitter Wars)

Pre Teens and early teens should start reading more mature books like:

JERRY SPINELLI (these are directed more to males):

-Who Put that Hair in my Toothbrush?

-Maniac Magee

-Space Station Seventh Grade

-Jason and Marceline (except for this one)




-Then Again, Maybe I Won't (males especially)

-Are you There, God? It's me, Margaret. (females especially)

-It's Not the End of the World





JAMES HOWE (author of Bunnicula):

-The Misfits


-Totally Joe (males)



-Four Truths and a Lie

-The Giver (Lois Lowry)

-Messenger (Lois Lowry)

-Gathering Blue (also Lois Lowry)

-Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry (Mildred D. Taylor)

-Jade Green (scary)

-Walk Two Moons (Sharon Creech)

-Chasing Redbird (Sharon Creech

-The Mother Daughter Book Club

-The Face on the Milk Carton

-Give a Boy a Gun

-Caddy Ever After

-Ella Enchanted

For older readers Jacqueline Wilson does some very good books. these would be for about 10 upwards.

I agree with your answer, but some more books that are a little more action-like are Alien Feast (Michael Simmons), the Maximum Ride series (James Patterson) and the Percy Jackson Series (Rick Riordion) are all good for hesitant readers

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The American Library Association had the Caldecott Awards for picture books and the Newbery Awards for Children's Books. There are other awards for children's books as well.

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