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What are some reform movements of the nineteenth century and what did the people want to accomplish?

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The Irish demanding representation in the government, is what caused them to revolt against Great Britain in the early nineteenth century

the horses pulled carts for people. and they helped people get places faster

Silver was discovered in the area we now call Nevada. .

Because there was new unclaimed land and they wanted to be free.

Some people supported slavery in the 19th century because they needed people with enough strength to help out with the house work and to do work on their farms.

The people lost faith and trust in the tsar.

Some people thought it an affront to human dignity. Others thought differently.

by the nineteenth century, tribal people in different parts of India were involved in a variety of activities.

Shakespeare was famous in his own time among theatre people. He became world-famous in the nineteenth century.

Many people refer to the the first third of the 19th century as being from 1801 to 1833. There is no agreement on this with historians however.

They both sold their people to the white people as slaves, they had no rights and were viewed as property and were poor treated.

Many diverse cultures felt they should have the right to self-government.

They were overcrowded, with several people sharing a bed, with very poor sanitation and very dirty.


Tooth brush. The Chinese made the tooth brush in the 15th century and forms of a tooth brush have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

No. Some people have always thought hard and deeply, but many in any age manage with almost no reflective thought.

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