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Q: What are some related careers to a preschool teacher?
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What are some careers related to mathematics?

Programmer, actuary,and teacher needs mathematics

What are some science careers?

Science Teacher.

Who are some famous preschool or kindergarten teacher?

morah sarah

What are some disadvantages of being a preschool teacher?

bad hours

What are some careers that start with t?

Teacher and Trucker

What are some careers that are related to Pediatrics?


What are some careers that are related to an actress?

an actor!

Whats the benefits of becoming a preschool teacher?

what collage classes do I have to take to become a preschool teacher?Good wages, normally a good contract, some preschools provide health care.

The Enduring Work of a Preschool Teacher?

Preschool teacher jobs require responsible people who are dedicated to encouraging and nurturing children of all skill levels. Patience and a desire to educate children are also necessary qualities in preschool teacher jobs. There are other aspects to keep in mind when considering a job as a preschool teacher. A preschool teacher has many duties and responsibilities. A preschool educator teaches children their alphabet, numbers, and word sounds. Furthermore, a preschool teacher guides young children in how to interact respectfully with fellow students. Part of a preschool teacher's work is done out on the playground. He or she may help children develop their motor skills by organizing running and jumping games. A preschool teacher must also help children develop basic skills such as proper hand washing habits and eating with utensils. In short, a preschool teacher's influence stretches into many areas of a child's education. Depending on the requirements of the state, a preschool teacher may simply need a high school diploma to teach. However, a private preschool may require teachers to possess a Bachelor's degree or even a Master's degree. A teacher's assistant in a preschool will likely need a high school diploma as well as some experience in caring for children. The director of a preschool will need experience working with children as well as training in childcare. Any person who is applying for a preschool teacher job would benefit by having first aid and CPR training. Of course, the salary of a preschool teacher varies with the person's education and experience. Some experienced preschool teachers earn approximately $30,000 a year. However, some beginning preschool teachers may earn approximately $20,000 a year or less. A person who is interested in working as a preschool teacher may want to ask someone who works in a preschool. The person will likely be able to share the rewards and challenges of the work. Getting a firsthand account of the job could prove tremendously helpful. Finally, a preschool teacher has the opportunity to affect the lives of very young students. If someone has a genuine desire to serve and educate children, then he or she should look into the career of preschool teacher.

What are the goals for a preschool teacher?

there goals is to make them know some things that are easy to understand

What means work at daycare center?

Work as a preschool teacher or in some capacity in that atmosphere.

What are some careers that begin with the letter T?

Teacher Tree Chopper

What are some related careers in fashion design?


What are Five careers that require a knowledge of some area of science?

Five careers are: -a doctor -a brain surgeon -a pharmacist -a homeopath -a teacher

What are some related careers that you should consider?

you should try police

What are some different biology careers?

biology teacher, medical researcher, ummm... doctor, there are a lot.

What is the entry level salary for a preschool teacher?

I am a preschool director in SE Florida and an average for (without free childcare of their own children) teacher assistant: $10-12/HR , Lead Teacher (CDA): $12-15/HR. Some schools would feel that is to much, but that is why my teachers stay!

How many days leave does a preschool teacher get per year?

The number of days of leave a preschool teacher gets per year varies, depending on the policies of the preschool where the teacher works. Some preschools are year round and others depend on the public school schedule. Those that work in preschools that are based on the public school schedule will not work during the summer, but the year round preschool teachers will. Days off during the year will also vary. The best thing to do is to find out the preschool schedule of the one you would like to work at.

Where can a teacher go online to find some preschool games?

Teachers can find preschool games from many different online websites. Some examples of these websites include Nick Jr., Fisher Price, and Sprout Online.

What were some of Princess Diana's careers?

She was a kindergarten teacher for a while before she got married to Prince Charles.

What are popular careers?

some popular careers are: Doctors Pharmacist Teacher(hard to find a school if u get in to that) Nurse Engineer Acccountant employee for a store Designers Cosmetologist

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This is the website i found with the most helpful information on Besides being a chef, what are some other chef related careers. here is the website - Cached

Jobs related to chemistry?

There are many jobs out there in the field of chemistry. Careers in the medical, science, and engineering fields are all related to chemistry. Some of the choices available are: Biochemist, Dentist, Chemistry Teacher/Professor, Forensic Science Technician, or even Pharmacist.

What are some related careers for a cartoonist?

Cartoonists draw and think of new characters or cartoons

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an athletic trainers are the best way to get this if you want it