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Fiction writers tell stories; nonfiction writers tell fact. A nonfiction writer has the responsibility to make certain that all of the facts are true, and that any opinions can be backed up by fact.

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Q: What are some responsibilities that a nonfiction writer has that a fiction writer does not have?
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How is fiction text help people better understand nonfiction text?

how fiction text is easier to understand then nonfiction text is that the only difference is that in fiction text the writer is stretching the truth while in nonfiction text the writer is limited to what they can say or write about. so to some people fiction text is easier to understand then nonfiction text is , or fiction text is harder to understand while nonfiction text is easier. its really your choice and your understanding.

What are some non-examples of nonfiction?

You've either got fiction or nonfiction.

What are the types of books?

fiction, nonfiction and biographs are some

What is the antonym for non-fiction?

Some antonyms for nonfiction would be:fictionfantasyfibliefabrication

Is the awakening fiction or nonfiction?

A nonfiction book involves factual information. A fiction book involves fabricated characters and plot. Although The Awakening does include some historical information, the novel is a work of fiction by Kate Chopin.

Is an almanac fiction or nonfiction?

It should be nonfiction, but predictions do not always turn out to be accurate and some may think there is an element of fiction involved trying to imagine what may happen in the future. But as predictions for the future are based on the experience of the past, we have to assume nonfiction

What are some examples of nonfiction?

nonfiction is where somebody writes a story that has all true events in it. nothing in the story is fake or made up. not fiction.

Does fiction contain poetry?

Poetry can be fiction or nonfiction, so fiction can contain poetry. Just look at some Dr. Suess books and you'll see that they are fiction with poetry.

Is science fiction nonfiction?

No it is fiction. Some of the ideas that were "fiction" 50 years ago have now become possible and are in use, but for the most part the "fiction" in science fiction is not real nor true.

What are the different types of reading texts?

nonfiction fiction poems fairy tlaes and some others

How do short stories and nonfiction are presented?

Short stores and nonfiction are usually presented differently. Some short stores are true stories and can also be displayed as nonfiction. If short stores are not true they are displayed as fiction.

Why is the story the Trojan war considered to be both nonfiction and fiction?

The Trojan war myth is considered both fiction and nonfiction, as there is some evidence pointing to the fact that there was a war in the place that was once Troy; however, things such as the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, as well as the judgement of Paris, is considered nonfiction.

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