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What are some romantic ideas you can do for your wife?

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Make dinner, put candles in your room and have sex after dinner. Believe it or not you just made my day! How wonderful of you to think of your wife in that way. You're quite the guy! Dinner with candles and a nice dinner and a little romance after is always a good bet. So is taking your wife out for an intimate dinner, or here's one, put a picnic dinner together (go to an up-scale deli and get wine, cheese, fruit, etc.) take a blanket and go to a nice secluded (but safe) beach and watch the moon shine over the ocean. There is nothing more sensual than listening to lapping waves on a starry and moonlit night. Have fun!

2006-09-05 23:47:06
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Q: What are some romantic ideas you can do for your wife?
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What are some good romantic gift ideas?

Some good ideas may be to have chocolate dipped fruit - i.e.. strawberries. Other ideas may be to have a long quiet romantic dinner with your significant other!

What are some ideas for a Christmas Present for a wife?

Surveys have found that most women want a thoughtful and personal gift rather than a useful one. Some ideas could be her favourite perfume, a romantic weekend away or jewellery.

What are some tips for romantic decorating?

There are several good ideas when it comes to romantic decorating. Gathering magnolias and arranging a elegant dining room are just a couple ideas for romantic decorations. For more information, you can visit

Where can I find romantic gift ideas for her?

You can find romantic gift ideas at the following websites: and Popular gift ideas include flowers and jewellery, so visiting a local jeweller or florist may benefit your search.

What are some romantic Christmas gifts?

Some romantic Christmas gifts would be chocholates or a swan lake. A romantic Christmas gift can be anything that pleases your girlfriend or wife and makes her happy.

What are some romantic words you can write in a poem to your wife on Valentine's?

I love you

What are some good ideas for a romantic gift basket?

There are many good ideas when one is making a romantic gift basket. The best things that one could put inside of a romantic gift basket would be things like sweets and flowers.

What are some romantic ideas as they relate to restaurants in Regina Saskatchewan?

Romantic ideas that involve restaurants in Regina, Saskatchewan include reserving a table for two for you and your date, focusing on your partner the entire night, really listening to him or her and not skimping on the bill.

What is a sentence using the word romantic?

Sitting out in the sunset with your wife is a romantic time.

Is it romantic to send fresh flowers to your wife?

It is very romantic to send fresh flowers to your wife. A lot of women find it very thoughtfull and romantic if their partner or husband sends them flowers.

What are some good dinner ideas for two?

Some good dinner ideas for two when eating out in downtown LA are the romantic restaurants called The Little Door which is french, or Providence which specialize in seafood.

What were romantic poets ideas and values?

very interesting

What is the relationship between latin and his wife?

its romantic

Is all of Edgar Allan Poe poems based on his wife?

No, most of his poems and short stories are about death and such, but there are some poems that are gothicly romantic that could be about his wife.

Could you give me some birthday gift ideas for wife?

There are a lot of great birthday gift ideas for wife. What I can suggest you is to treat her out on a getaway date. Somewhere you can both be together. Another great birthday gift ideas for wife can be something material. It can be as simple as a card or as meaningful as a ring.

What should you get for your wife on your anniversary?

Choosing a wedding aniversary gift for your wife doesn't have to be difficult. You can choose a gift based on the number of years you were married or select a gift based on her personal preferences. What really counts is your presentation and how much love she feels from you.Besides the gift, here are some ideas to make your gift extra special:* Handwrite a love letter or note* Read a romantic poem * Light some candles and play romantic music as you give her the gift * If you are dining out, have the waiter "serve" your gift for dessert * Buy a personalized photo frame that allows space for a romantic note * Burn your favorite romantic songs, photos and a love letter on a CD

What are some romantic ideas?

rose peddles, soft music, candles(NO SMOKE ALARM!!!!!!!), and if its a girl your trying to impress let her lead

Who do you tell your boyfriend he is unromantic?

valentine's day is coming up, and you may wanna point out some romantic ideas. hint at things

What actors and actresses appeared in His Romantic Wife - 1913?

The cast of His Romantic Wife - 1913 includes: Chester Barnett as Mr. Cool Pearl White as Mrs. Cool

What are the best romantic films?

Ghost is my wife favorite movie

What ideas did artists in the romantic movement express?

The beauty and wonder of nature, Individualism

What are some birthday gift ideas I can get my wife online?

Some good ideas would be jewelry, a night out and a ticket to a play. Maybe you can start with to see what kind of jewelry she would love to have.

What are some cute anniversary ideas?

some are giving them a teddy with some chocolate and a card or get some rose and and take the peddles and spread them on the bed and make them breakfast in bed or go on a anniversary romantic dinner and get them a rose.

What were the ideas of the Romantic Period?

Romanticism was a time period between the 1770s and the 1840's. The Neo-Classicism Period (between 1660s and 1770s) is contrasted to the Romantic Era through the main ideas or authority, ideals and language. Ideas of the Romantic Era include: - Being ruled by emotions. - Youth and free speech valued. - The belief in natural rights and social justice. - Emotionally drive literature with tragic themes and eccentric, passionate and rebellious character. - The universe was seen as mysterious and ruled by hidden, supernatural powers. - Passionate language used. The few listed above are some of many ideas the people in living in the Romantic Period believed.

What are the best ideas for a surprise party for my girlfriend's 30th anniversary?

romantic dinner or movie