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I had such a hard time too! I used this----

The terrestrial animal was scavenging for food.

You could also use

The terrestrial plant looked beautiful on the bark covered tree

or something like that

I seen the other answer and thought I would try and give you another answer so there it is have fun with your assignment.

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Q: What are some sentence with the word terrestrial?
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How do you use the word terrestrial in a sentence?

All known life is terrestrial.

Use the word terrestrial planet in sentence?

Earth is a terrestrial planet. The three other terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

What are some sentences for the word terrestrial?

Earth is a terrestrial planet

Can you write a sentence using the word terrestrial?

I like to pretend the terrestrial bodys in the night sky are sparkling Angels from Heaven.

How do you use terrestrial planet in a simple sentence?

his mother has a terrestrial bracelet

What is a sentence using terrestrial?

E.T. stands for extra terrestrial. Amphibians are comfortable in marine environments and terrestrial environments.

Can you put extra-terrestrial in a sentence?


What is the sentence part of the word some in a sentence?

Some is an adjective.

How do you use terrestrial plane in a sentence?

Susan flew the new terrestrial plane for the Air Force.

What is the meaning of the word terrestrial?

The meaning of the word terrestrial is something that is related to land or to the planet Earth. For example a terrestrial animal is one that lives on land as opposed to in water.

What is the prefix for the word terrestrial?


What is another word for geological?


What is the other word for terrestrial?


What is terrestrial animal?

An animal that live only on the land. Terrestrial plays on the word 'terrain'

How does terrestrial affect earth?

The word terrestrial means "of the earth" or "having to do with earth". There are terrestrial thunderstormd (on earth) but there are no lunar thunderstorms (on the moon).

What prefix can you add in the word terrestrial?


Another word for land environments is?


What shows the relation of a noun to some other word in the sentence?

A possessive form shows ownership of some other word in a sentence.

How can you use terrestrial planets in a sentence?

ya face ya know

What is a word that describes an animal living on land?


What does the word terrestrial life mean?

Native to the Earth.

What English word comes from the Latin word Terra.?

terrestrial, territorial, subterranean

Which word has the same root word as terrain?

Terrace, terrarium, terrestrial, terrier

What does 'terrestrial' mean?

"Terrestrial" means "pertaining to land". The word comes from the latin root "terre" (pronounced "tare"), meaning "land", and is related to the word "terrain".

Do salamanders live in water?

No, some are fully aquatic some are semi-aquatic and some are terrestrial.