What are some shades of the color green?


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Olive, forest green, spring green.

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Mostly shades of brown though some are black and some green

A pine has different shades of green such as light green or dark green and other specific shades of green.

A bull frog is brownish or some shades of green.

There are many names for the color green, as there are many shades of green. Some are; Jade, olive, emerald, pear, jungle, and lime.

Typically green in various shades. Some have a muted spattering of yellow.

There are many shades of green. Some of them are light, like lime, sea foam, and pastel greens. Some of them are very bright, like emerald, olive, and hunter.

shades of gray and green and blue

in estimate about 9,142,857

Light green is one of the many shades of green in the color spectrum. Pale green and lime green are two of the names that are given to this color when classified.

Infinite, I would suppose. The limit is really determined by how many shades the person viewing the color can discern.ANSWER:there are more than a thousand shades of green.

There are various shades of green. Some of these include forest green, teal green, mint green, Kelly green, and olive green.

Pick something bold and bright when redoing your home. The summer color trends this year are shades of yellow, green, and orange. Find the shades that suit your style.

Lime green, dark green, light green, rainforest green, and blue-green

Most times greed is considered green, but there are some variations. Green can also be confused for envy. Shades of Green and yellow better represent greed.

You get many shades of lime green, depending on how much of yellow or green you use.

Navy blue, black, red, maybe some shades of purple and green.

Various shades of green, yellow or red and mixtures of green, yellow and red.

Olive, forest, grass, lime, and Irish.

Blue and yellow will give you many shades of greens.

my favorite color is purple, i guess that makes me joyful ^^ also blue and green, some shades of red.

Green, blue, even some shades of purple, maroon, yellow...

They certainly can. Years ago, people would have said these two colors clash, but these days, subtle shades of color are used in many designs and formats, and some shades of pink look very nice with certain shades of green. I would try them out together and see if you have shades that blend nicely, without one overpowering the other.

Some of the many shades of green include: Emerald Forest Green Myrtle Pine Shamrock Teal Lime Green Army Green Celadon Feldgrau Islamic green Jade Kelly Green Sea Green etc.

Selena Said "My Favorite Color is Digital Green" so her favorite color is Digital Green.Selena said "My favorite colour is Green" so it is Green I guess she likes all the shades of Green.

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