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when a man dedicates much of his time to attend to a woman regardless of his work

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Q: What are some signs that a man is interested in a woman?
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What are the signs a man married to a woman is gay?

There are no signs. You'd have to ask the woman.

How do you tell when married woman is interested in married man?

When she is married to the same man that is interested in her....

Is it possible for a woman to abuse a man and what are the signs?

Yes, and the signs can be the exact same as if she was a man.

How can you tell if a man is interested in a woman?

special caring :)

Interested in women signs?

If you're asking for signs that a woman is interested, it usually depends. Sometimes a woman will play hard to get, in which case, you must prove that you want her more than anything else. Sometimes, a woman may act shy around the man she's interested in, and hope and pray that this man will speak with him. In this case, the man must be the one to step forward and profess romance. Sometimes, signs are obvious. A girl with simply admit that they have interest in another man, however it is very rare that a woman will bring up her attraction towards another male in front of that man unless he brings it up first. Girls, generally speaking, wish to be sure that a man has interest in her before they step forward and profess love. Girls are great fantisizers, so even if you don't think they're interested, they may be. These are common signs, but they aren't always the case. If you're asking for signs that a man is interested in a woman, then it's a different story. Men usually like to be upfront about their feelings towards a woman, and naturally want to be the first to profess attraction. This isn't always the case, as some men are shy. It takes courage for a man to ask a woman to a fancy diner, or to the movies, or even to be their girlfriend. To tell if a man is interested, the best way to find out is to make passive hints that you may have feelings for the man and see how they react. Their reactions can vary. If the man doesn't seem to respond romantically towards the forward hints, then it can mean one of two things: One, he's not interested. Two, he's not very good at expressing feelings toward another woman, but is interested. He may respond at a later time. If he reacts disgusted, well there's no question about it-- he simply isn't interested. Men's reactions are very simple, if he looks like he's interested, most likely he is. If he's doesn't, then he isn't interested. In this way, men are simple. However, based on study, when men are around beautiful women, their sense of logic and common sense diminish. A man may act strangely nicer to a woman he's attracted to. Hope this answered your question. <3 This answer was written by a girl, if you wonder. Luv Clo

Why do men start ignoring a woman they are interested in?

9 times out of 10 the man is usually interested in another woman that is more interesting.

Would an interested man call a woman kiddo?


Why might a man be interested in dating a younger woman?


What the signs for a goldfish laying eggs?

No idea man / woman

What are some signs that a man only sees a woman he is with as a playtoy?

Some signs could be that when he is with you that he only wants to do physical things and that he can flirt with other women right in front of his current girlfriend

What are the signs of a man playing games with a woman?

check if they have mental problems.

Signs a man likes a woman?

If its a kid than the guy will be as nice as they can to you.

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