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your communication partern or her behaviour towards you.

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What are some signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore?

The first and foremost sign is when your girlfriend is in love with some other and has told you that she doesn't love you anymore . The second sign is when she is hiding her boyfriend from you so that you don't feel jealous as jealousy sometimes creates attraction . Stanly

Do tigers love or like to swim?

it doesnt matter some might love it some might like it it doesnt matter

What are some tips on winning back your ex-girlfriend?

winning a girlfriend back depends on the reason why you did bbroke up. if it is that she doesnt love you anymore and already found someone new i guess this is kinda impossible right . but if she broke up with you because she simply doesnt like the way you are then have CHANGE nad prove to her that YOU CAN STILL BE THE MAN ... HER MAN!!

Why doesnt your girlfriend love you?

Well most girls that don't love their boyfriends are either not ready to be serious, agitated by them, or just confused with themselves. In some cases they could be waiting for their boyfriends to love them before they feel comfortable loving them.

What are signs of your girlfriend cheating?

The main signs are when your girlfriend stops talking to you, and when she says "we need some time apart". That doesn't mean she wants to be wit you after that "time" it means "its over".

Why does this guy that you like giving you a vicious stare?

He does that probably because his girlfriend can see that you like him and she doesnt like it and so neither does he.If he doesnt have a girlfriend then he just doesnt like you and he likes some other girl and he thinks that you are holding him back from getting her.

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

What does it mean when a boy is talking to some one and when he sees you he stares into your eyes and he just stands there and he has a girlfriend?

He totally likes you, but he doesnt know what to do, like.. he doesnt know if you like him, he doesnt know if he should tell his girlfriend he likes someone else.. I can go on and on.. If you like him, tell him, he totally likes you.

What are some signs that a man only sees a woman he is with as a playtoy?

Some signs could be that when he is with you that he only wants to do physical things and that he can flirt with other women right in front of his current girlfriend

What to do when your girlfriend has feeling for her exs and another guy?

Giver her some space to sort it all out, like the saying love comes n goes, but if it comes back then it was meant to be, if not then try agian. Sweety I'm sure your a great guy and if your girlfriend doesn't see that, then she doesnt deserve you...

What are some signs that you love someone?

nervousness around them ur not urself... another way of seeing this is that if you love someone you would know. trust me you will find out [if you love him/her] before we tell you the possible signs.

What are signs that someone is in love?

If you want to know if someone is in love, then there are a couple of signs. Some of those signs include the person standing really close to the other, or they talk more clearly or stutters while near you.

What are some signs that you're still in love with your boyfriend?

if you still love kissing him or if you like sucking his dick

What are some signs that your wife doesn't love you any more?

There can by many ways to tell. 1. Does nto pay attention to you! 2. Doesnt call you! 3. Doent Really say anything to you. There are more but there are some of the main things that you will be able to see.

What are some signs of love?

Signs of love include putting that person's needs before your own, thinking about how your actions affect him or her, and a desire to make that person happy, even if it means sacrificing some of your own "wants."

How do you no if im inlove?

There are different signs THAT YOU'RE in love. But some people show their in love in their own style.but your heart only knows who is your love and you are in love !

Does Jasper love Alice?

Yes They love each other Some Signs are in Twilight also they are secretly Married!

What if you love some one he does not love you and you know it?

find out why he doesnt like you and try to change it, but dont change too much.

If the guys girlfriend is pregnant. Does that mean he has to love his girlfriend?

HiTherePal's Answer: It would be preferable that if a guy's girlfriend is pregnant, the guy should love her girlfriend. The girlfriend is going through some really painful stuff now, and she needs the guy to be with her to help her out, you know what i'm saying ;P? Some random dude's answer... oF CouRse nOt, altHoUgh it's really BeTTer if YoU caRe For HEr

What are some signs that your boyfriend doesnt love you anymore?

okay. I have been through this. okay some signs could be that he's not showing you the affectionate love that he did before. he doesn't call u babe or baby or whatever he has called you. he doesn't hug/kiss u the same or looks at other girls. maybe he still loves you but something in the relationship is bothering him. or maybe some life situations he doesn't want to tell u. I hope I helped. sorry if I didn't

What are the signs of him being in love?

some of the signs are if he tryes to flirt with you. for example: if he tryes to hold your hand or if he staires at you alot or if he tryes to talk to you alot

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