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He continues to initiate contact with you, or he continuously mentions his new relationship to you or to people he knows you talk to. Is your ex so worthwhile that you should waste time worrying about him? Stop contacting him, ignore his calls and texts and act indifferent if other people bring his name up. Don't try to find out gossip on him or whoever he's dating. He's not worth the trouble. He talks about her all the time when you are present or to a friend of yours. He writes about her in his blog and makes a huge display of the relationship, he starts writing very romantic comments on her blog or hi5 or whatever. He will try to get your attention while he is with her but may not put a huge display in front of you coz he wouldn't want you to turn around in disgust. he may do that if he wants to hurt you or taunt you, hope this helps,

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Q: What are some signs that your ex is trying to make you jealous of his new girlfriend Give any answers you can think of?
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What are signs he is trying to make you jealous?

Signs he is trying to make you jealous by talking about other girls around you and asking what you think of them or saying what if i dated so and so how would you feel.

What does it mean when a guy shows all of the signs he likes you and he has for a long time now but he has a girlfriend?

He's trying to get you to get his girlfriend to break up with him

Signs that the she is jealous?

signs can mean her face expression or her attitude.

What are some signs that your crush is jealous or upset with or about you?

If the person who has a crush on you starts trying to make you jealous, or ignores you for no reason apparent to you, then you could wonder why and kinda put it together that they may be in fact jealous. Jealousy is really a possessive look for signs of not wanting to share you...or watchfulness of you with other people. I think too, if they ignore you out of the blue when your pretty sure you did nothing wrong could figure out that they may be jealous.

What are some signs that people are trying to break girl friend and boyfriend up?

well if they like either the girlfriend or boyfriend, they may be jealous, and are trying to split them apart. if you get a letter, email, text, phone call, etc. that doesnt sound like your boyfriend/girlfriend would write or say, be aware that it could be someone else. but be honest to you gf/bf instead of being mad right away. make sure it was really them. also tell them you think someone may be trying to break you two up.

What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?

I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

How do you you tell if a girl likes you in year 7 if she has said no is she trying to make me jealous or what?

Hi There! I myself am in year 7 and am a girl. The signs of a girl liking you are them pretending to dislike you and they may try to make you jealous. She probably wants to ask you out but is too scared. Hope this helps, :)

What are some signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore?

The first and foremost sign is when your girlfriend is in love with some other and has told you that she doesn't love you anymore . The second sign is when she is hiding her boyfriend from you so that you don't feel jealous as jealousy sometimes creates attraction . Stanly

What are signs that a girl is jealous of other girl?

If that girl makes up hate propaganda against the other girl, this is a good indication that she is jealous.

What if a boy has a girl friend and he is giving a girl signs that he likes you?

It depends on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Are they having problems? If yes, then maybe he is interested. If not, then he might be just wanted to be your friend and actually cares about you as a friend. Or, he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

Do Scorpios get jealous easily?

All birth signs can get jealous and not just Scorpios. There is a little jealousy in every human being. With each birth sign it depends on the characteristics of the person whether they get jealous easily.

What are the signs that your girlfriend doesn't know how to kiss?

your girlfriend will turn away or will never go in for a kiss

What if you think a guy likes you but he has a girlfriend?

Spend time with him [but don't push anything on him!], let him come to you. Watch for signs that he likes you such as eye contact, showing off or trying to make you laugh.

What are signs of your girlfriend cheating?

The main signs are when your girlfriend stops talking to you, and when she says "we need some time apart". That doesn't mean she wants to be wit you after that "time" it means "its over".

What are the signs of becoming deaf?

you go to wiki answers

Signs you are not a priority in his life?

If their is no questions and answers happen...

Signs that you can win your ex back?

please be my girlfriend again

Signs of a cheating girlfriend?

doesnt pay as much attention to you as she did.

Is other signs likely to be jealous of Scorpios?

Some signs could be jealous of some things that Scorpios have; but there really is no need to be. They're pathetic people. 99% of Scorpios I have met and tried to get along with are impulsive; rude; petty; disgusting, and just wrong. I'm not saying there isn't good ones out there; but they're not my cup of tea and certainely not someone I'd be jealous of.

How can you tell when another girl is JEALOUS of you what are the signs?

Simply the way she looks at the thing she's jealous about, and she probably won't mention it to you, but would just make you feel it. Tamii Joe ~

Signs a girl is jealous of you hugging another girl?

They will usually try to tell you to stop hanging out with the girl.

What are signs that a guy is trying to make you jealous?

1. Brings someone to a place where he knows you will be. 2. Introduces you to his date. 3. Laughs or talks loudly so you can hear him. 4. Makes a move on his date when he sees you looking. *He has made you jealous when you leave first rather than staying and having a good time. Remember, two can play that game.

What are signs to let your ex girlfriend you misses her?

Stare at her. Tell her. Be smart

What are signs that an ex still likes you?

if he doesnt have a girlfriend and always checks you out

What are some signs that your crush already has a girlfriend?

probably if they move away from you.?