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Don't do it! If there was infidelity there was and never will be a commitment. Commitment is ESSENTIAL for any relationship to realize it's potential. There is someone out there who will love you for who you are and treat you right. Hold out for the right person and get over that jerk! He doesn't love you. You said, "...because of your infidelity." If that means you were unfaithful, talk to the man. Tell him what you think/feel up front. Then get counseling to help out. If you mean he was unfaithful... that's a very hard road. Suggest you start out with a counselor and go from there. This is not something you can probably handle alone. It is quite possible that he never stopped loving you despite your disloyalty. What was diminished was not his love for you but his trust in you and his respect for you. And those are things that you may never be able to restore. So, even if he still has feelings for you, he's decided to put you behind him and move on. You just may have to face the fact that you made a mistake from which there is no recovery or remedy. If you really wish to see whether you can mend fences, write him a letter expressing your remorse and asking for another chance. But if the letter goes unanswered, well, then you've got your answer.

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