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What are some similarities between the American revolution and the Vietnam War?


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Both had crucial turning points- Saratoga and Tet. Both Civil Wars. Guerilla style warfare. Both were fighting over government. Outside countries were not supportive of wars. Only 1 of the 2 sides had issued uniforms. Both used guns and gun powder. Both were fought over vast distances with long lines of communication. Both wars triggered animosity among the common people. The undecided were alienated and the strategies were analogous.


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None. The French Indochina War was similar to the American Revolution.

i don't know american revolation they fought and haitian revolution they protest

Which Vietnam War? France or US (1954 or afterwards?).

both revolutions had economy and taxation problems.

that they have armors and stuff to protect them against enemys.

For one, both were radical states during the American Revolution.

i am not sure but maybe the American civil war is among Americans after they have gaind their independance but the American revolution was against GB as i said i am no sure

One of the biggest similarities between the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution is agriculture. In both revolutions, agriculture was an important food source and if we look back on the American Revolution, it was actually due to poor harvests, many people moved to North America. Also triangular trade occured in both revolutions.

The American Revolution was fought for independence from Britain. The French Indochina War was fought for independence from France; aka 1st Indochina War. The American Vietnam War was fought against communism. Had nothing to do with independence. North Vietnam and South Vietnam were already independent nations.

The former was a revolt against the crown (UK). The latter was a war between two nations: US & North Vietnam.

Similarities: Both came from the people in that country being oppressed by their "ruler", and there was an unfair distribution of power in social classes Differences: The Haitian revolution was a slave revolt and the American was political Hope its what you need :)

Both sought to expel European powers and to govern themselves.

The American Revolution was a bloody seven year war and the Glorious Revolution was mostly bloodless. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 took place because the English people did not want to live under an a Catholic monarch.

The American revolution was between the british and the Americans.

Australia is a continent and Vietnam is a country. There is very little to link them.

In Haiti it was a Slave Revolt while the American Revolution was a political revolt against the government of the United Kingdom.

Similarities include: * Fighting for freedom and control * Land accumulation * Between Americans and British Are you in Mr. Gagnons history class because that is tonights homework?

The Latin American Revolution was similar to the French Revolution because, as a revolution, the people realized that they were being mistreated and were fighting for what they believed in, as well as equality or more representation. Other similarities include violence and a Napoleonic influence. Differences include that the Latin American Revolution was a revolt against a king by his overseas colonies, while the French Revolution was a revolt of the lower class against the upper class and the King. The Latin American Revolution also was a revolution for freedom and independence (similar to the American Revolution), while the French Revolution was being fought to overthrow the king. Another difference was that after the Latin American Revolution, the church gained power, while after the French Revolution, the church lost power.

Although Burma borders India, both Burma and Vietnam are in Southeast Asia.

The Texas Revolution involved very small numbers of combatant's but both created an Independent Nation.

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