What are some similarities between the Spanish-American War and the Iraqi War?

The Spanish-American War of 1898 is MUCH CLOSER to Operation Desert Storm of 1991. 1. Both conflicts occurred in the 90's. 2. The Spanish-American War lasted about 4 months. Desert Storm lasted about 1 month. 3. The Spanish-American War had approximately 400 battle deaths. Desert Storm had approximately 146 US Deaths. 4. The Spanish-American War was nick-named, "The Splendid Little War." Desert Storm was nick-name, "The 100 Hour War." 5. In both conflicts, returning US Troops were given massive Parades upon their return home. 6. Politicians in BOTH conflicts stated that, "The Spanish-American War had brought unity & closure from the bitterness of the US Civil War (1861-1865)", and President Bush Senior announced, "That Desert Storm had erased the Vietnam Syndrome from the United States, and brought Americans together again, from the bitterness of Vietnam." Today's Operation Iraqi Freedom, is MUCH CLOSER to the Philippine Insurrection of 1900, which was spawned by the Spanish-American War of 1898. The Philippine Insurrection, caused FAR MORE US casualties and lasted much longer than the Spanish-American War.