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Old Stone Age vs New Stone Age; Similarities: stone tools, hunted wild animals, weapons, ate plants, OSA worked in groups, (cooperatively), NSA traded; (both types of cooperation); NSA: farmers, settled less nomadic, domestication of dogs, horses, camels, cattle, food surplus, increase in population,

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The only similarities between societies in todays first world nations, and the first Neolithic villages is that both societies were composed of people, and some of those people farmed.

they both made stone tools that's one of them.

Similaries*Hunt animals (food)*Stone tools (weapons)*Both eat plants*They trade finished products

the period between the Stone and the Iron Age is the Bronze Age.

The main difference is the fact that weapons and tools were made of stone in the Stone Age, and bronze in the Bronze Age.

I believe it was an ice age. Several ice ages are spread between the times.

The Paleolithic age is old stone age about millions years ago.The Paleolithic Age is also known as the Stone Age.The Paleolithic Age, sometimes called the Stone Age, is marked by man's first use of stone tools. The lower level of that period began between 2.500,000 and 200,000 years ago. During archeological digs, some of the stone tools were found with remains, believed to be some of the first humans.

Some old stone age names age olga, ayla and gam.

In the old stone age people used stone and in the new stone age they discovered new things like how to make fire and all that stuff

Yes, bone flutes are made of BONE, and stone flutes are made of STONE. They were both used during the Stone Age

seriosly? there were no appetizers in the stone age!:D

The stone can break. By the way the stone age is not old.

old stone: were hunters n gathers new stone : demesticated animals

the stone age is important because the stone age help some of the people that don't have any money

the differences between life in the Old Stone Age and life today

The mesolithic age served as a border bridge between the old and new stone age.

Some characteristics that define the Stone Age are old and long.

It was because of the unicorns in the stone age

The difference between the Stone and Bronze Age is that during the Stone Age, people used stone to make tools and weapons. During the Bronze Age, people used bronze to make tools and jewelry. In the Bronze Age, the first metal that people used to make tools and jewelry was copper.

What is common between the 3 apart from the fact that they are division of of a stone age ? History

in the old stone age they all had the same jobs and in the new stone age they did. ex: hunters , farmers, people who make jewelry.the new stone age is really where civilization started.

New Stone Age was known as Neolithic People . Old Stone Age People were known as Paleolithic people .

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