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What are some similarities in rap and poetry?

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They both usally rhyme. They also are free flowing, meaning that you let the words roll off your tongue without really thinking about it. Songs are just poems put to music as well.

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What are some similarities and differences between rap and poetry?

Rap is a form of poetry. Usually a very poor one.

Is rap music poetry?

yes . all music has some poetic quality to it . and rap is a genre of music so yes it is poetry .

Is rap a kind of poetry?

Yes to some extent.

How are rap music and poetry the same?

Rap, at its best is poetry put to music. In fact when rap first came out it was refered to as "street poetry"

How is rap different from epic poetry?

Commerical rap is poetry with a beat behind it. Freestyle rap is poetry said from "the top of the head". Epic poetry is a story told through a poem.

What are some similarities of country and rap music?

they are bost successful

What are some instances where rhyme is used effectively outside of poetry?


What does rap stand for?

RAP is an acronym meaning Rhythm and Poetry.

What made the rap industry call it rap music?

rap stands for Rythym And Poetry

What is a rhythmic accent in poetry?

Rhythmically Accented Poetry. RAP

What does the word rap music stand for?

Rhythm And Poetry is what RAP stands for

What are some Similarities of jazz and RAP?

jazz and rap are both what make up hip-hop, both came from African Americans

Why do they call it rap?

Rhythm and Poetry

Acronym of RAP?

rhythm and poetry

Which is more popular rap or pop?

they are kind of the same both are to do with poetry rap= rhythm and poetry and pop= please operate papa

Rap is it an acronym for rhythmic American poetry or rhythmic African poetry?

rhythmic American poetry

What are similarities of Blues and Rap?


What was the first rap recording?

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight but some say there were songs with rap in them. Those are more like spoken word or poetry to me.

What RAP stand for?

Rhythmic American Poetry

How is rap and pop different?

Rap is African-american poetry while pop is singing.

RAp an Acronym for Rhythmic American Poetry or rhythmic African Poetry?

No, Rap is a 1960's term, meaning to talk. A rap session was a discussion. Let's rap about it meant "let's talk about it". In Rap music, the MC is literally talking over the music, or rapping to his audience.

When did rap music and poetry start?

ages ago before 1970 i don't know about rap, but poetry has been here since medieval times. poetry is one of the worlds oldest art forms.

What are the similarities and differences pf Asian and African poetry?

The Differences of Asian and African Poetry is:- the Asian Poetry is to be sung with music and guitar.- the African Poetry is to be sung with music and piano.The Similarities of Asian and African Poetry is:- they are the same that to be sung with instruments.

What is a simple definition of rap music?

Rap is a style of music in which you spit rhymes, wordplay, and poetry.

Do you now what rap stands for?

Rhythmic American Poetry