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Outsider Slang1. The Fuzz (The Cops)

2. Heater (Gun)

3. Broad (Girl)

4. Boozed up (drunk)

5. Tuff (Cool, Sharp)

6. Greasers (poor kids from the east side)

7. Hood (criminal)

8. A weed (cigarette)

9. Wise Cracker (someone been a smart Alic)

10. Dig (OK with that)

11. Lone it (Doing something alone)

12. Jumped (Attacked by the Socs)

13. Slugged (Punched)

14. Lift (Steal) .

15. Hacked off (Angry)

16. Rumble (Fight)

17. Rank (Not cool)

18. Lighting up (lighting up a cigarette)

19. Socs (The rich kids from the west side)

20. Cancer stick (Cigarette)

21. Savvy (You understand)

22.let's split (Let's get out of here)

23. shut your trap (Be quiet or shut your mouth)

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What are some terms used by gay people?

There are no terms used only by gay people and not straight people. But if you're talking about gay slang, Here is a list of Gay Slang Terms.

What are the main slang terms used texting?

GTG, LOL are some the slang terms. LOL means Laughing Out Loud and GTG is Got To Go.

What were some slang terms used during the Korean war?

some words they used were hii. and byee.

What were some slang terms used during World War 1?

The Germans were called the Huns, after Atilla the Hun.

What slang terms were used in World War 1?


What is the slang term for great job?

Slang terms can vary by the area of a country where they're being used, though some are common throughout the US. One slang term for a great job is a cool gig.

What does bey bey mean in slang terms?

It has been found that the term bey bay can mean a number of things in slang terms depending on the country of use. In the Bahamas it is used to refer to a person of colour. Some other meanings of this slang term are for babe or baby as a term of endearment.

What are some slang words used in the outsiders with page numbers?

Pg.12-Tuff-cool Pg-44-Boozed up-drunk Pg34-Jumped-attacked

How do you speak word 'have' in different slang?

There is no slang term for "have." Slang terms are used for things that are complex, or for things used in a particular situation (such as sports or work). People don't make up slang for simple words.

What are some slang terms for steroids?

An athlete on steroids can be described as "on the juice" or "juicin'it".slang terms for steroids:"Roids"juicesauceslopRed Power Ranger Go-Go Juiceslang for a period of steroid use : cycle or cyclingslang for simultaneous use of different steroids : "stacking"slang for a person on steroids : "nuclear" or "micro-wavable"slang terms for steroid brands often used by teenagers: "D", "Deca", "D-Bol," "Test"Roids, Juice, Slop, Sauce

What are slang terms used to express frustration?

Dang it crap Hell's bells

What does the slang word 'preggers' stand for?

The slang word "preggers" means pregnant. It is clearly derived from the word pregnant. The word is perhaps not used as much as it was some years ago as other slang terms have competed for air space.

What is the most popular slang used?

Some say "Hi" is a slang. If so, then it is most used.

What are some slang names for scabies?

The most common slang terms for scabies are the mange, the 7-year itch, cooties (though usually used for lice), dandruff on wheels, among a number of others.

What are some examples of colloquial terms?

colloquial terms are unformal and not academic so basically they are slang. Some examples of words used by our generation are like "wanna" or "gonna." An example of phrase is "it's raining cats and dogs."

Difference between short form and abbreviation?

an abbreviation usually has a period(not always) and short form is usually only used on slang terms an abbreviation usually has a period(not always) and short form is usually only used on slang terms

What was slang term for sleep in 70s?

In the 1970's there were a few different slang terms that were used instead of the word sleep. The most popular term that was used was the word crash.

Why do some people speak slang language?

There are probably many reasons why slang is used. It has been noted that members of some groups will use slang to identify themselves with their own group and exclude outsiders. Further, slang can become accepted over time as standard language. Language evolves over time, new words are invented and old words disappear. Slang is just informal language

What are some idioms that are used in your environment?

You will have to answer this question yourself. Every environment has its own idioms and slang terms, and we don't know what part of the world you live in.

What are slang terms for Codeine?

T3 is used a lotpurple, lean, syrup, slow, drank

What are some stereotypes that ponyboy used in the outsiders?

he Llo

What is colloquial?

The word 'colloquial' is an adjective used to describe slang terms that are used in conversations or writing; informal use of language.

Is slang vulgar?

Some slang terms are vulgar, especially when they refer to the genitals or to acts like having sex or eliminating waste. Not all slang is vulgar, though. Usually, slang is not used in formal or business situations because it is casual. People who use slang in every situation are often thought of as less educated than people who can use formal language in the right situation.

What are urban slang and vintage slang?

If you go to a category (you can do this by clicking on the category under a question) you will see a short description.Urban Slang:"An informal spoken language made up of current coinages, phrases or words that are used in place of standard terms for added emphasis, humor or other effects. Basically, the lingo used by peeps to talk about mad shiz and holla at their homies."Vintage Slang:"Groovy terms from the past that's the berries!" - Basically, slang from the past.

What are some slang terms for best friend?

An older term you may still hear is "pal" or "best buddy." In British slang, they have used "bestie." You may also see the term BFF (best friend forever). Sometimes, "homie" or "homeboy" is used in urban slang, referring to a friend who comes from your neighborhood. (In Yiddish slang, this is also used-- "Landsman" carries the meaning of someone you are familiar with, because they are from the old country or from your ethnic group.)

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