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What are some slang terms used in The Outsiders?


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Outsider Slang

1. The Fuzz (The Cops)

2. Heater (Gun)

3. Broad (Girl)

4. Boozed up (drunk)

5. Tuff (Cool, Sharp)

6. Greasers (poor kids from the east side)

7. Hood (criminal)

8. A weed (cigarette)

9. Wise Cracker (someone been a smart Alic)

10. Dig (OK with that)

11. Lone it (Doing something alone)

12. Jumped (Attacked by the Socs)

13. Slugged (Punched)

14. Lift (Steal) .

15. Hacked off (Angry)

16. Rumble (Fight)

17. Rank (Not cool)

18. Lighting up (lighting up a cigarette)

19. Socs (The rich kids from the west side)

20. Cancer stick (Cigarette)

21. Savvy (You understand)

22.let's split (Let's get out of here)

23. shut your trap (Be quiet or shut your mouth)