What are some suggestions for making YouTube usernames that aren't already registered?

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2008-11-29 00:37:19

There are many users registered into YouTube, thus many

usernames are already registered. When registering, you'll need to

find a username that is not taken in order to proceed. The process

of registering an unused username would be much easier if you were

to use numbers in your requesting username. "Freeze" may already be

a member, but "Freeze5678" is less likely to exist. Accepted

symbols, such as hyphens and underscores (- and _ respectively) can

create even more unique usernames. ("Freeze_5678") With that said,

instead of worrying about numbers or symbols, you could try to

create a username that is completely random ("Nutsohobo745" is a

good example). If you use numbers this way, make sure there's some

sort of pattern you can use to remember your username.

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