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What are some synonyms?


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Synonyms are words that mean the same thing as another word, or are similar.

Ex. Depressed - sad, gloomy. Morose - sad, gloomy, depressed.spectacular:awsome brilliant,intelligent,and dynamite.

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Some synonyms could be bad,

synonyms for build are construct

"What are some synonyms of finish?" Here is a list of synonyms of finish: done over end destination complete

Some synonyms for annoy are disturb, trouble, pester or distress.

Begin and origin are some synonyms for the word start.

Some synonyms for 'not serious' are light, flippant, unimportant, or unprofessional.

Some synonyms for the word exaggerated are: excessive, magnified, and fabricated.

some synonyms for decimal are, "point", "dot", and "and".

Some synonyms for 'got to'musthave to

Some synonyms for the word 'impulsive' would be 'hasty', 'impetuous' and 'instinctive'.

Some synonyms of the word conversational include chat, colloquy, comment, communication and communion. Some other synonyms are parley, hearing and discussion.

Interpret is a verb, so synonyms for it will be verbs as well.Some synonyms for interpret:decipherexplaintranslate

There are a wide range of synonyms that can be used for the word supervise. Some of the synonyms are conduct, overlook, oversee, chaperon and administer.

Possible synonyms for adds on can be found in thesauruses and online. Some of the synonyms are addition, extra, supplement, attachment and complement.

There are many synonyms for the word, fascinating. Some synonyms for fascinating are, alluring, appealing, attractive, charming, enchanting and irresistible.

Some synonyms for underway are, moving, making progress, started, initiated, and under construction. These are the words that are synonyms for undertaken.

Some synonyms for decorum are "composure," "politeness," or "refinement."

Some synonyms for drastic are severe and radical.

Some synonyms for comparative are: almost, about, approximate, and relative.

Piece, shard, sliver, and splinter are some synonyms.

smart,wise,learned are some of the synonyms of intelligent.

Some synonyms for fasten are: affix, attach, fix

There are many synonyms for the term speculating. Some of the synonyms are betting, chancing, predicting, prophesying and analyzing. Calculating, evaluating and guessing are also synonyms of the term speculating.

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